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How on globe are you supposed to eat. 5-. 7 g protein/ lb a day?

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How on globe are you supposed to eat. 5-. 7 g protein/ lb a day?

Posted By John Allen

I started training exercises scheme a couple of months ago without paying too close attention to my diet. I’ve learned that you are to do. 5-. 7 g/ lb of body weight, and more if you are active trying to build muscle. For me, thats about 120 g of protein a day.

How on globe are you supposed to do this? Meat have high protein but high in saturated fat, which the AHA says to limit to 13 g day. Eggs have like 6 g of protein but high cholesterol. I’ve been feeing fat free yogurt but that’s still 6 g of protein per beaker for the inexpensive brand and 12 g per beaker for more expensive greek yogurt. A can of kidney beans, which is around a dollar, is still simply 21 g of protein.

Many protein supplements are loaded with saturated fat. One bar I ensure was 30 g of protein but 5 g of sat. fat. Other powder supplements were still 20 -3 0g protein and 3.5 sit. fat.

How can I reach my aim inexpensively but still preserve other dietary considerations?

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Singapore Startup Takes Bitcoin Into Real World With Visa

Posted By John Allen

A recurring challenge for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is how to attain them work in the real world. A Singapore-based startup says the answer is its Visa card.

TenX is pitching its debit card as an instant converter of multiple digital currencies into fiat money: the dollars, yens and euros that power most everyday commerce. The company said it takes a 2 percent cut from each transaction and has received orders for more than 10,000 cards. While transactions are capped at $2,000 a year, users can apply to increase the limit if they undergo identify verification procedures.

TenX debit card.

Source: TenX via Bloomberg

Tenx’s bid to induce digital currencies easier to spend comes amid massive volatility and infighting within the cryptocurrency community. Bitcoin, the more popular, slumped after reaching a record in June amid concerns about a split in two, merely to recover as dreads faded. The company has built an app that serves as a digital billfold connected to the Visa card so that when it’s swiped at a cafe or eatery, the merchant is paid in local currency and the users’ crypto account is debited.

Julian Hosp.

Source: TenX via Bloomberg

” You’re mixing two worlds the hell is night and day ,” co-founder Julian Hosp said in an interview.” When the user expends the cryptocurrency, we have to instantly switch these currencies to fiat and pay to Visa straight away. It’s a lot of pathways.”

Hosp said transactions are processed immediately and it doesn’t enforce any charges on top of the conversion fee that is set by cryptocurrency exchanges, which typically is 0.15 to 0.2 percent. The card now supports eight digital currencies, including the lesser-known dash and augur, and aims to offer about 11 of them by the end of the year.

TenX currently processes about $100,000 of transactions a month. By the end of 2018, it’s targeting $100 million in monthly transactions and a million users.

TenX has an advantage in moving early, but the startup can expect rivalry in the future from major financial institutions and venture capitalists with deeper pockets and direct access to clients and databases, said Mati Greenspan, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based analyst at social trading platform eToro.

” It’s an incredible conception ,” said Greenspan.” At the end of the working day, it’s going to depend a lot on client relations. Are they meeting the customers’ expectations? Can somebody else do it better ?”

TenX’s make further efforts to construct digital currencies spendable come as it joined the many blockchain-based startups taking advantage of initial coin offerings. ICOs are a cross between crowdfunding and an initial public offering that firms use to raise monies by issuing digital tokens rather than stock.

In its token salelast month, TenX created $80 million with about half to be used to expand operations while the rest will provide liquidity for a cryptocurrency exchange in the works, said Hosp.

The company has hitherto raised $120,000 from angel investors and$ 1 million in a seed round led by venture capital firm Fenbushi Capital, which lists Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, as a general partner. TenX isn’t expecting to become profitable in the next two years as it focuses on expanding services.

” One thing we want to offer in the end, is that you can switch cryptocurrencies within the app ,” said Hosp.” If we do this, we can become the market maker, which can bring in a lot of revenue .”

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Gigi Hadid responds to Melania Trump backlash

Posted By John Allen

( CNN) Gigi Hadid has apologized for offending people with her Melania Trump impersonation.

The model-actress was slammed after she taunted the incoming first lady during a bit Sunday night at the American Music Awards.

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A brief history of Donald Trump and Muhammad Ali

Posted By John Allen

Washington( CNN) Donald Trump on Saturday was quick to kudo sports icon Muhammad Ali following his happen, which ended a relationship between the two that spanned decades.

“Muhammad Ali is dead at 74! A truly great champion and a wonderful guy. He will be missed by all, ” Trump tweeted.

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Narcotic suit in Ireland has fingerprints of Carnegie Mellon’s attack on Tor

Posted By John Allen

Two Irish humen arrested for medication charges may be the most recent known instance of law enforcement employing Carnegie Mellon Universitys sophisticated research to crack the Tor anonymity network.

At least two criminal cases rely on data that researchers at CMUs Software Engineering Institute provided to the FBI: that of a suspected staffer to the online black market Silk Road 2.0, and an alleged pedophile.

That list may have just expanded.

Newly released proof shows that Irish sleuths who worked the case of two convicted drug dealers may have also used data obtained through SEIs methods.

On Monday, Neil Mannion, 34, and Richard O’Connor, 24, were incarceratedfor possession of LSD, amphetamine, and cannabis resin with intent to supply. They were arrested back in October 2014 after a raid on a property in Dublin.

Mannion, whom presiding Judge Martin Nolan deemed the brains of the operation, received six-and-half years in prison, while O’Connor received three years.

Little information is available on how these two men were caught. But according to the Irish Times , a detective working on the instance told the court that Mannion was placed under surveillance after receiving confidential information about a computer IP address.

Interestingly, that is the same sort of information that led to the arrests of other Dark Net crime suspects. In November, legal documents revealed that a university-based research institute had provided IP addresses to the FBI. Experts already suspected CMU of being involved in attacks on the Tor network during January and June 2014. Shortly after the news of a research institute’s involvement transgressed, the Tor Project, the nonprofit that maintains the Tor software, claimed that the FBI paid researchers CMU’s SEI$ 1 million for the information.

Previously, the Tor browser had been widely praised as a comparatively safe way for anyone to conceal their Internet presence and activities. Former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden, who in 2013 leaked a cache of classified NSA documents to journalists while on the run from the U.S ., had touted its utilize.

The mere presence of IP address evidence alone is not enough to connect the case of Mannion with the attack on Tor over a year earlier. But other details point to the bust of the Irishmen being dependent on information obtained by CMU’s SEI.

Firstly, Mannion and O’Connor were arrested on Nov. 5, 2014, according to a database of Dark Net apprehends created by independent researcher Gwern Branwen. Thats the same day that the owner of Silk road 2.0, the replacement for the infamous drug marketplace Silk Road, was arrested. The IP addresses of Silk road 2.0 were provided to the FBI by information sources of information, according to a search warrant in another case impacted by the attack on Tor, which court documents afterward corroborated was a university-based research institute.

The shuttering of Silk Road 2.0 comes within the framework of Operation Onymous, a multi-agency endeavor that also seized a number of other Dark Net sites.

Brendan English, a spokesperson for the Irish police, confirmed to the Daily Dot that the arrests of Mannion and O’Connor were also part of Operation Onymous. But he said we are not in a position to comment when asked about where the IP addresses is available to Irish authorities came from. The FBI declined to comment.

Regardless, the FBI’s source of information also relevant agencies with 78 individual IP addresses that accessed the vendor section of Silk Road 2.0, in accordance with the same search warrant. The vendor section of the site was, naturally, merely supposed to be known to, and accessed by, those selling products on the marketplace. Thus, Mannion was, presumably, a regular visitor to this section of the site, as he is a confessed Dark Net drug dealer.

Although the evidence is largely circumstantial, the most likely route Irish investigators procured the IP address of Mannion was via the work of CMU’s SEI. But only as more information about current suits becomes available, and charges are brought forward to other individuals, can the full extent of the attack on Tor be realized.

Illustration by Jason Reed

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Rachel Lindsay Dragged This ‘Bachelor’ Alum For Her Racially Insensitive Tweet

Posted By John Allen

Take note, everyone: if you come for Rachel Lindsay, you best not miss. Leah Block( I know, who ?) posted what many are calling a racially insensitive tweet about last night’s episode of, likely guessing it would disappear into the ether like all the tweets I fire off at celebrities, but it did not. No, much to my own personal glee, Rachel noticed that shit and clapped back immediately. God, I merely love her so much. She really is too good for this franchise( but I’m simultaneously very happy that she’s stooping down to this franchise’s level ). Is that weird? Whatever.

Anyway, Leah Block was a contestant on Ben’s season of so you’re welcome. She, like all of us, was watching last night when she , not like all of us, tweeted out a questionable anecdote about it 😛 TAGEND

Like I said, Rachel ensure it and she did not sit by mutely. She responded with the shadiest of shade that’s ever seen hurled 😛 TAGEND

Say it with me now: YAASSS QUEEN. If you missed it, Lee is a certified bigot who guesses the NAACP and the KKK are the same and all feminists are ugly. I know, he’s such a gem. IDK how the casting directors found this gentleman, and how he was single in the first place! But yeah, anyway, this is a level of shade to which I aspire. It’s genuinely a two-for-one shade bargain.

Leah backpedaled real quick and saidlike , no we didn’t. You were tweeting about We all got that. That was the context. She added, Oh okay, so you’re not saying your roommate is racist but you still had to distance yourself from her comments and hurl her under the bus? Okay. Rachel responded with Reeling from all the L’s she merely took, Leah then did what many people probably told her to do and delete her account.

Like, looking. Is this tweet definitely racist? Meh. I, being white, am not really at liberty to say. Do I think it was in poor taste? YeahI mean it just reflects that this girl’s roommate is so unaccustomed to watching non-white people on TV that the only reality prove she can conceive of that happening is on and not a mainstream present like. Which, go up girl. Those two reveals don’t even using the same structure! isn’t even a dating present! It merely follows people in the hip-hop industry who are either dating one another oryou know what, never mind. Unless that was the phase she was trying to bring up all along, and this was all merely a satirical commentary on the absence of POC on television …* puts down blunt* nah.

Let this be a lesson to all of you: Rachel has time today to clap back at your fuckery. You know what they say: Tweet like everyone’s watching.

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Famous Biographical Movies That Are Shockingly Full Of Lies

Posted By John Allen

Reality is what we’re trying to forget when we go to the movies, but when they say it’s based on a true story, we kind of expect, um … truth? At least a little bit? No? Okay, penalty. If the truth sold tickets, we wouldn’t have our mouths on the barrel of a fifth Transformers movie. So Hollywood takes some autonomies on occasion, so what? So sometimes they take those autonomies with the single most important aspect of a tale , twisting the whole thing around. Like …


The Real Elephant Man’s Doctor, Not The Freak Shows, Was Exploiting Him

The Elephant Man is one of David Lynch’s most critically acclaimed movies, and also one of his least weird — which is saying something, considering it’s a movie about a traveling circus freak. John Merrick, nicknamed “the Elephant Man, ” suffers from his horrible deformities. To make it worse, he’s exploited by some heartless freak demonstrate operators. That is, until he befriends the sympathetic Dr. Frederick Treves, played by Anthony Hopkins. Treves rescues Merrick from the brutal freak reveal circuit, offers him shelter, companionship, respect, and shows the world that the so-called “Elephant Man” is more than his deformities.

In Reality …

The movie had this all backwards, largely because the movie was based on Treves’ accounts — not Merrick’s — and the doctor’s biased point of view naturally induced its style into the script, including the inaccurate recollection of the poor guy’s name. According to Merrick himself, it was Treves who was exploiting him , not the freak indicates. Treves didn’t am worried about Merrick, and they weren’t friends — as evidenced by the fact that Treves couldn’t even get the guy’s name right( it was Joseph Merrick , not John ).

And rather than being a near-illiterate captive of barbaric slavers, Merrick was in fact clever, well-traveled, and led a surprisingly normal life despite his appearance. It was only after he injured his hip in a bad autumn and became unable to work that he chose to join the freak displays, and they apparently treated him very well.

He procured his way into the custodianship of Dr. Treves only after being forced out of the freak show due to rising public outrage, which left him violated and in desperate need of medical care for complications arising from … well, from being an elephant man. You know Merrick’s famous line “I am not an animal, I am a man”? That was directed at Treves, whose insisting on parading Merrick’s naked body around for medical experts to gawk at stimulated him feel more objectified than he’d ever been in the freak show.


Quills Forgot All Of The Sadism In The Marquis De Sade

Quills is the 2000 biopic of French novelist Marquis de Sade. If you’re unfamiliar with the Marquis, you at least know his legacy. His name is where the word “sadism” comes from, though it was originally meant in the strictly sexual sense. The Marquis was the Larry Flynt of Napoleonic France, persecuted and eventually imprisoned for criminal offences against public morality. After locking him in a tiny dungeon, the authorities stripped him naked and took everything out of his cell, but they couldn’t stop him from writing — he heroically scrawled on the walls with his own shit!

Which, incidentally, is also how they wrote The Big Bang Theory .

In Reality …

The film takes a few liberties with de Sade’s life, like the fact that de Sade was reportedly a short, dumpy, obese human — more Kevin James than Geoffrey Rush. Also, the real Marquis de Sade spent most of his “imprisonment” in a palace. It was the old-timey equivalent of a Hilton presidential suite, complete with a fireplace, a private library, and even a separate room for his mistress.

And though the movie would have you believe that de Sade was unfairly persecuted simply for writing a few dirty volumes and enjoying a little bit of assortment in the bedroom, it turns out that he was kind of a psychopath. Before his literary career took off, his main pastime was kidnapping and poisoning women with date rape medications. He afterward locked up six peasants for over a month and sexually humiliated them, and repeatedly skirted penalty for his crimes. All things considered, he was less a sexy rebel going up against 18 th-century puritan ideals and more a rich, fat, cranky rapist.


Cobb Was Based On The Sole Testimony Of A Notorious Liar

1995’s Cobb is a brutal demolition of one of American baseball’s first and greatest legends: outfielder Ty Cobb. It tells the true story of writer Al Stump, who was tasked with ghostwriting Cobb’s biography. He spent a few weeks interviewing the retired legend and detected, to his horror, that Cobb was a violent, angry, alcoholic, racist, misogynistic piece of shit who once got away with killing a guy in Detroit just to watch him die.

Cobb’s despicable nature contrasted so harshly with his public perception that Stump was torn between writing the glowing biography that Cobb was paying him for, or a tell-all expose that might ruin the childhoods of damn near everyone in America. He wound up writing both volumes simultaneously, leaving the juicier version for after Cobb mercifully died of cancer. In fact, everyone hated Cobb so much that only three people turned up at his funeral.

In Reality …

There was a duplicitous asshole in this story, but it wasn’t Ty Cobb. Long after Cobb’s reputation was ruined, it was revealed that Stump was a notorious liar and con artist. He’d been blacklisted from similar projects before for precisely that reason. If Ty Cobb was guilty of anything, it’s not doing his research before hiring a guy to write his life story.

And also being a bit of a bastard.

OK, OK, some of the tales were true. Like the one in which Cobb climbed into the spectator stands to reach and subsequently beat the shit out of a guy who didn’t even have hands to fight back with. That truly did happen. Although hey, the guy did have two thumbs left, so perhaps he was a deadly poker.

But anyway, Cobb wasn’t as cartoonishly racist as Stump suggested. For every negative anecdote about Cobb, there are ten more tales from actual black people that speak highly of him. Some even named their children after him. As a Southerner born not long after the Civil War, Cobb probably wasn’t the white MLK or anything, but all the evidence says he leaned a bit toward the progressive side.

As for Stump’s claim that Cobb murdered a guy, that’s an outright lie. While Cobb did get into an altercation on the night in question, there’s no proof that anyone succumbed as a result. And as for Cobb’s funeral, it’s true that nobody depicted up, but what Stump left out was the fact that Cobb’s family specifically requested that it be closed to anybody but household, because they wanted it to be a discreet and private affair. A whole bunch of Cobb’s former friends and teammates wanted to attend( some even offered to serve as pallbearers ), but all were turned away.

Then there’s the fact that after publishing his “tell-all” book, Stump went on to sell counterfeit Ty Cobb memorabilia to gullible fans. So to recap: Cobb is the story of an asshole who lied his route to fame and fortune. It merely wasn’t Cobb.


Midnight Express Constructed Up Most Of The Horrors Of The Turkish Justice System

Midnight Express was a brutal expose of the Turkish prison system based on the book of an American who suffered through it. In 1970, Billy Hayes was caught trying to smuggle hash out of Turkey, and he sold the histories of his imprisonment and subsequent escape to Hollywood. That story involves torment, corruption, violence, and rapist prison guards — it’s got everything! Eventually, Hayes managed a daring escape from the prison by killing a guard who was trying to rape him and stealing a police uniform. If this all seems too Hollywood to be true, well, you’re totally right.

In Reality …

The real Billy Hayes was so traumatized by his experience that he … loves Turkey, has nothing but good things to say about it, and has since apologized to the nation for any negative stereotypes he unwittingly generated. Hayes truly did try to smuggle drugs out of Turkey( the movie said it was his first offense, but he’d done it successfully a bunch of days before ), and he did go to prison for it, and he did escape that prison, and he did make his way back to America. And that’s it.

Let’s start here: Prison sucks. It’s no fun. But Hayes rates Turkish prisons as better than American ones. He never killed a guard in order to escape. That plot point was completely made up for the film. As was the ridiculous idea that he ripped another inmate’s tongue out in order to get himself transferred to the madnes ward. The mundane truth is that he kind of walked out of prison the working day when the guards weren’t looking.

Turkey cared so little about Hayes’ escape that they never bothered to set a warrant out for him … well, until the movie “re coming out” and stimulated them look bad. But then, a 30 -year prison sentence for trying to move weed is still kind of harsh, so perhaps we can call this one a tie-in?


The Real Birdman Of Alcatraz Was A Sociopathic Monster

1962’s The Birdman Of Alcatraz was the uplifting biopic of Alcatraz inmate Robert Stroud: a sweet, misconstrue, Burt-Lancaster-handsome man who passed the time in his cell by collecting and caring for birds. Over the years, he became something of a bird expert, and wrote books about the care and upkeep of our feathered friends, all while becoming something of a prison hero. He defused a riot, he transgressed windows so the prisoners could have some fresh air, and he generally did not take any of the Man’s bullshit.

In Reality …

The story of Robert Stroud isn’t The Shawshank Redemption with birds. It’s more like Silence Of The Lambs . Keep in mind that the authorities were unbelievably generous to allow him to keep birds in his cell, considering he was a violent, unpredictable, murderous sex predator.

The film omits the fact that Stroud was rejected clemency because he maintained threatening other prisoners for sexuality, once operated a morphine racket, and stabbed a few folks for good measure. Along with the whole bird thing, his other hobby was writing — but his tales were mostly explicit fictions about him kidnapping children off the street to rape and kill.

In the movie, there’s a heart-wrenching scene in which the guards eventually forbid Stroud from maintaining birds, thus taking away the one thing in their own lives that dedicated it entailing. In real life, they did this because his cell had become a horrifying biological hazard. The floor was ankle-deep in bird turd, cigarette butts, and rotting bird corpses, while his benches were covered in vivisected bird cadavers. Stroud’s privileges were unheard of in the prison system, and the only reason they let it go on so long was due to public pressure over the sweet and gentle Birdman who had become famous in … the bird-lovers community? We guess?

Prison psychiatrists considered the Birdman to be kind of an evil genius, having managed to manipulate the public even from inside a jail cell. And this manipulation eventually stimulated it all the way to Hollywood, which tried but thankfully failed to win the sociopathic Robert Stroud his freedom. Thus were we spared the inevitable bird-themed murder spree.

Behind every awful movie is the idea for a good one. Old man Indiana Jones discovers foreigners. Good in theory, bad in practice. Batman fights Superman. So simple, but so bad. Are there good translations of these movies hidden within the stink turds that find the light of day? Jack O’Brien hosts Soren Bowie, Daniel O’Brien and Katie Willert of ‘After Hours’ on our next live podcast to find an answer as they discuss their ideal versions of flops, reboots, and remakings. Tickets are$ 7 and can be purchased here !

For more hours Hollywood pulled a fast one on all of us, check out 5 Real People Screwed By ‘True-Story’ Movies Based On Them and 6 Movie Based On A True Story That Left Out Important Stuff . Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and check out 8 True Story Movies That Are Full Of Lies, and other videos you won’t find on the site !

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Corelight shuts $9.2 M Series A to help enterprises combat ransomware

Posted By John Allen

Its already been a year of multiple high profile ransomware attacksand now cybersecurity startup Corelight has bagged a $9.2 million Series A round, led by Accel Partner. Osage University Partner and Riverbed Technology Co-founder Dr Steve McCanne also participated in the round.

Preventing ransomware is among the listed use-cases for the startups first product, the Corelight Sensor, which it describes as a flight data recorder for its target enterprise customers networks allowing them to quickly and easily go back in time to try to understand sophisticated cyber attacks.

As well asinvestigating and preventing ransomware, the product aims to address other security threats including denial of service, unauthorized access, misconfiguration, abuse, exfiltration of data, malware infection, insider menace, port scanning, advanced persistent threat, plus phishing and other mail-based assaults or incidents.

Corelights investment comes against a backdrop of existing enterprise market traction for its network visibility products whichare themselves built atop a widely used open source framework( called Bro) which co-founderDr Vern Paxson began developing all the way back in 1995 when he was working at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. Users of the Bro framework are slated to include Amazon andDeloitte.

The teams route for commercializing their open source framework is via Corelights turn-key solutions forenterprise network visibility which they say reduce deployment period and complexity.

The Corelight Sensor also offers paying customers a comprehensive API; enterprise integrations for Splunk, Amazon S3 and Kafka; performance optimizations yielding 3-4x higher data processing throughput compared to standard servers; a high performance FPG-Abased network interface card; optimized file extraction and log filtering.

Commenting on the Series A in a statement, Accels Eric Wolford, said: We often invest in very widely-used open source projects. But its uncommon for them to have much enterprise marketplace traction. And whats highly unusual for a Series A company like Corelight is to have a shipping product built on battle-hardened open source software and dozens of paying clients including six of the Fortune 100, plus one of the largest private companies in the US. Ive never seen that before.

Corelight said the Series A funding will be used to accelerate its growth plans to meet market demand for its products through investments in marketings, marketing and engineering.

Were busy working on a series of new features customers are asking for so they can focus endeavour away from sensor management and towards higher-value activities like data analysis, menace hunting and incident reaction , noted Greg Bell, CEO of Corelight, in a statement.

We help our customers solve cybersecurity problems faster than they can today, often lessening the time to resolve incidents from hours and days down to minutes. This new investment will accelerate our progress.

Prior to taking in VC funding, the San Francisco-based company has been supported by an SBIR award, while the Bro project was initially funded by the National Science Foundation at the International Computer Science Institute.

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Celebrities Celebrate The Fourth Of July On Twitter& Instagram — Take A Seem!

Posted By John Allen

After rumblings indicated that Taylor Swift was gearing up for one of her starring studded Fourth Of July bashes, we couldn’t have been more excited when the vacation FINALLY arrived.

We mean, there is nothing -Alisters loved more than an excuse to fling lavish ragers. You know, we’re not wrong.

In fact, Lea Michele , Madonna , Reese Witherspoon , Kourtney Kardashian , and SO many more couldn’t help but take to Instagram and Twitter to flaunt their good times. Has your #FOMO kicked in yet? LOLz.

Be sure to ch-ch-check out all the rest of the July 4 fun for yourself( below ).

CLICK HERE to view “Celebrities Celebrate The Fourth Of July On Twitter& Instagram”

CLICK HERE to view “Celebrities Celebrate The Fourth Of July On Twitter& Instagram”

CLICK HERE to view “Celebrities Celebrate The Fourth Of July On Twitter& Instagram”

CLICK HERE to view “Celebrities Celebrate The Fourth Of July On Twitter& Instagram”

CLICK HERE to view “Celebrities Celebrate The Fourth Of July On Twitter& Instagram”

[ Image via Instagram .]

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Science Just Gave You An Excuse To Ditch Your Workout In This Summer Heat

Posted By John Allen

I’ve utilized plenty of excuses to skip a workout: I’ve had a long day at work; I’m too sore from yesterday’s HIIT circuit; I have amarathon I need to catch. And with summertime in full swing, you better believe I’ve been ducking out of some of my workouts because of the sweltering heat. Severely, sometimes it’s like my sweat is sweating.( Is that a thing ?)

I know it seems like a ridiculous excuse, but my body simply feels too sluggish at times to make it through a productive sweat sesh when it’s humid AF outside.

But good ol’ science is here to back me up. Research from the University of Nebraska at Omaha indicates exercising in the summer heat may minimise the results you want from your workout.

In their study, the researchers examinedexercise’s effect on the participants’mitochondria( which are responsible for creating most of the energy you need) in order to insure how high temperatures outside are related to your fitness results.

Basically, the mitochondria in your body hardly undergo any changes when you work out in high temperatures.

The researchers discovered these findings after looking attissue samples taken from 36 participants both before and after they exercisedin hot and cold environments.

According to Dustin Silvka, analyse writer and workout physiology laboratory director at the University of Nebraska, these results basically demonstrate the response[ in hot is] about the same as if no exert had occurred.

Well damn, what’s the point then ?!

But don’t run cancelling all your summertime workout schemes just yet.

First of all, as the researchers noted to Huffington Post, their findings were only based on a single workout, and future efforts aim to observe how people’s muscles respond after a few weeks of training in those humid temperatures.

Plus, only because working out in the summer hot may not necessarily yield the results you want, it doesn’t mean you should trench all your fitness goals until the cold weather returns.

Otherstudies have suggestedworking out incooler environments can promise a multitude of benefits and improve your overall advance meaning you’re probably better off sweating it out inside with an arctic AC blast hitting you anyway.

Of course, the options for indoor workouts are practically endless you can go to a local gym, yoga studio, look for a SoulCycle class near you, or merely lay out a mat in your living room and crush an ab circuit or two.

Bottom line: When it feels like the Sahara outside, take it as your cue to spice things up and try something new in your fitness routine, like a class you’ve always thought about looking into, but never have.

FromBox+ Flow( which is literally a combination ofyoga and boxing ), to underwater cycling, there’s no reason why exercising can’t be just as exciting indoors as it is outside.

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