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SeaWorld Have Announced That They Are Aiming Live Orca Shows

Posted By John Allen

Finally, its a move we have all been waiting impatiently for: SeaWorld San Diego is to pull the plug on its orca show.

Announced online Monday in a document posted by the company, SeaWorld has said that as of next year, its killer whale performances will be phased out.

But regrettably, that does not mean an end to orcas in captivity: These acts will be replaced with some kind of educational experience involving the animals, albeit supposedly in a more true-to-life set. As before, SeaWorld claims that the intention is to inform and inspire , not treat the intelligent mammals as circus animals.

The decision follows a series of blows to the organization. SeaWorld speedily fell out of favor after the release of a harrowing documentary film called Blackfish, which exposed the dark truth of the supposedly conservation-centered industry. Although there were many who was contended that the documentary was inaccurate and misinform, the message spoke to people and there was a large amount of public backlash. Just six months after a publication demonstrated that orcas in captivity do not live as long as their wild equivalents, the country of California banned the captive breed of these animals in October of this year.

As part of this long-overdue ruling, SeaWorld San Diego was given the green light for a $100 million( 65 million) expansion to its killer whale tanks, although the company said they would still battle the California Coastal Commissions decision. Now it seems they have finally backed down, and instead will expend a chunk of this fund on developing a resort in the park in co-operation with Evans Hotels.

While this is fantastic news, the fight is certainly not over yet. Other states still permit the captive breed of orcas, so until this practice is stamped out altogether, we can expect to see the exploitation of these animals for entertainment purposes.

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Concussion expert says children shouldn’t play football until they turn 18

Posted By John Allen

Dr Bennet Omalu says minors should not be allowed to play football in New York Times op-ed

The forensic pathologist and neuropathologist who first detected chronic traumatic encephalopathy in American football players said infants should not be allowed to play high-impact contact athletics until they are 18 years old, likening in dangers of football to smoking, alcohol and asbestos.

Dr Bennet Omalu cited a moral duty to prevent minors from playing football until they are old enough to decide about health risks for themselves in a New York Times op-ed published on Monday.

Our infants are minors who have not arrived at the age of consent, Omalu wrote. It is our moral obligation as a society to protect the most vulnerable of us. The human brain becomes fully developed at about 18 to 25 years old. We should at least wait for our children to grow up, be provided with the information and education on the risk of play, and let them make their own decisions. No adult , not a mother or a coach, should be allowed to make this potentially life-altering decision for a child.

We have a legal age for drinking alcohol; for joining the military; for voting; for smoking; for driving; and for consenting to have sex. We must have the same when it comes to protecting the organ that defines who we are as human beings.

Omalus research into CTE is the subject of the forthcoming film Concussion, in theaters on 25 December, in which he is played by Will Smith.

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David Bowie: astronomers give the Starman his own constellation

Posted By John Allen

Scientists have registered a constellation shaped like a lightning bolt in honor of David Bowie and his out-of-this-world talent

David Bowie has been given his own constellation, consisting of seven superstars that shine in the shape of the lightning bolt.

Belgian astronomers announced the registration of the constellation, which appropriately sits in the vicinity of Mars, following the artists demise last week .~ ATAGEND

It is a fitting homage to Bowie, who utilized the universe as a key inspiration throughout his career. Bowie first detected success with the single Space Oddity and later crafted the persona Ziggy Stardust, an extra-terrestrial rockstar. His hits also included Starman and Life on Mars.

He appeared on the encompas of the 1973 album Aladdin Sane with a red and blue lightning bolt painted on one side of his face.

Belgian radio station Studio Brussel and the MIRA public observatory teamed up to register the constellation, but seeing the right place for the legendary boulder starring in the heavens was a complicated process.

Philippe Mollet from the MIRA Observatory said in a statement: it was not easy to decide the appropriate stars.

Studio Brussels asked us to give Bowie a unique place in the galaxy, he said.

Referring to his various albums, we chose seven superstars Sigma Librae, Spica, Alpha Virginis, Zeta Centauri, SAA 204 132, and the Beta Sigma Octantis Trianguli Australis in the vicinity of Mars.


The Aladdin Sane encompas. Photograph: Michael Ochs Archives/ Getty Images

The constellation is a copy of the iconic Bowie lightning and was recorded at the exact time of his death.

The creation of the constellation is part of the Stardust for Bowietribute project, where fans can use Google Sky to add their favorite Bowie ballads with a short note to a virtual version of the constellation.

Bowie succumbed on 10 January aged 69 after an 18 -month battle with cancer.

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This Couple Couldn’t Have Kids So They Got A Dog Instead

Posted By John Allen

Meet Dorien Bryant and Patrick Craves- an adorable Philadelphia-based couple that wants to have kids. For an obvious reason, they can’t precisely get pregnant, so they decided to do something else … They got the cutest Australian Shepherd named Asher!

Dorien Bryant is an ex-Purdue football player, who’s NFL career objective prematurely due to injuries and his not wanting to hide being gay. Now he’s blithely come out and in love with the handsome Patrick Craves. Don’t they both merely looking so genuinely happy together?

“Since my boyfriend and I can’t have a kid…”, Patrick wrote

“Already chewing everything in sight! ”

“All tuckered out in his food dish! ”

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Snoop Dogg only handed out over hundreds of thousands of turkeys to families in need.

Posted By John Allen

What’s the best route to spread vacation cheer?

If you ask Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr. er, better known as Snoop Dogg ( and temporarily known as Snoop Lion) the best route to spread vacation cheer is by giving away turkeys to those in need.

…lots and lots of turkeys.

GIFs via TMI.Buzz/ YouTube.

On Nov. 19, 2015, Snoop helped give away 1,500 turkeys for the vacation.

He also devoted away lots of hugs and took photos with fans that depicted up.

“Snoop Dogg took paintings with over 800 people at the event, ” Inglewood Mayor James Butts, who attended along with other city officials, told NBC 4 News.

“We had a tented region for seniors to sit in, and the first thing he did was go over to take paintings with everyone there.”

Snoop Dogg said he expects to return every year to give away more turkeys.

Snoop’s generosity made a difference for many families who now have a bird to celebrate Turkey Day.

“This is a very big help for not only myself, but for about a thousand people, ” Xiomara Payan told NBC 4.

She’s surely not the only one.

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Greg Hardy gets his you-know-what handed to him by Katie Nolan where reference is acts flippant about abuse.

Posted By John Allen

The NFL has been trying to patch up its image through some slick PR.

After get major flak for their perceived apathy to domestic violence, the NFL partnered with No More, an organization that’s been criticized for not clearly dedicating any of the money created to domestic violence programs. Together, they put out NFL-oriented ads to make it seem like the league truly cares about addressing partner abuse.

They took a hard stance with Ray Rice, issuing an indefinite suspension( which now is overturned on an appeal ). He’s technically eligible to play it’s only that he can’t get any teams to touch him with a 10 -foot pole. The NFL had to freeze him out. The public wasn’t having it any other way after the horrifying videos surfaced of him punching out his then-fiancee Janay.

Commissioner Roger Goodell knew he couldn’t afford to go soft on Rice .

GIF via Katie Nolan/ YouTube.

“Greg Hardy had to pretend to respect women for TWELVE minutes only twelve minutes and he couldn’t even do that . … Expecting a garbage human, who has been penalise for being garbage, to come back from his suspension and not IMMEDIATELY resume being garbage, is asking the bare minimum . And if me hoping that the League, and the Cowboys, and their PR people, and the media could act with only a shred of human modesty is ruining football for you, then I’m disappointed, I guess, in how much we’re willing to accept in order to protect our precious Sundays.”

You can see the whole well-deserved tongue lashing by Katie Nolan here, along with the nonchalance Greg Hardy displayed that prompted it.

Katie Nolan only emerged as a heroic and truthful voice on domestic violence in the NFL. Cheers to her for saying it, and cheers to you for sharing it.

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How To Attain A Red Velvet Brain Cake For Halloween

Posted By John Allen

Ewww! Gross! These are not usually the reactions I’m going for when I cook one of my novelty cakes. But when it comes to my zombielicious Brain Cake, it’s music to my ears!

I’ve been cooking for 18 years, and my YouTube show “How To Cake It” lets me unleash my passion for cake decorating in a whole new route. I’m working my route through my caking pail listing. All the cakes I’ve always wanted to attain but never had the opportunity. If I can attain person say, “Is that a CAKE ?! ”, I know I’ve done my job 🙂

My Brain Cake episode was inspired by The Walking Dead premiere this week. Why should humans have all the fun? Zombies deserve a premiere celebration too! I whipped them up a blood red velvet Brain Cake with ropes of brainy fondant and oozing with seedless raspberry jam.

Carve your deep red velvet cake into a brain shape

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‘Gods of Egypt’ director, Lionsgate apologize for predominantly white cast

Posted By John Allen

( CNN) The makers of the forthcoming movie “Gods of Egypt” apologized for showcasing a predominantly white casting amid criticism over absence of diversity in a movie based on Egyptian mythology.

The fantasy epic, slated for release in February, stars Scotsman Gerard Butler of “3 00 ” fame and Danish actor Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, best known as Jaime Lannister on “Game of Thrones, ” as warring Egyptian gods. The casting also includes Australian actors Geoffrey Rush, Brenton Thwaites and Courtney Eaton, along with African-American actor Chadwick Boseman and French-Cambodian actress Elodie Yung.

The mostly white casting came under scrutiny as soon as shooting started in 2014. “And so, the time-honored tradition of Hollywood whitewashing continues, ” Australian writer Ruby Hamad wrote at the time.

There was new attention in November, when production company Lionsgate released the first look at the movie in character posters and a trailer.

Actress Bette Midler was among those to call out the filmmakers for casting white humen in a movie based on Egyptian mythology.

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Listen to this organ in Croatia that uses the sea to stimulate hauntingly beautiful music.

Posted By John Allen

In 2005, a Croatian designer designed a 230-foot-long organ that turns the rhythm of the waves into actual music.

Nope , not nonsensical bellows or chaotic tones. Real, actual, music.

Most of us have never seen, or heard, anything like it .

Photo by linssimato/ Flickr

Imagine walking along the picturesque Adriatic Sea, treading softly on a set of white stone steps as a cool breeze rolls past.

Carved into the steps are narrow channels that connect to 35 organ pipes, each tuned to different meticulously arranged musical chords.

As the waves lap against the steps, they push air through the pipes and out whistle-holes in the surface above, making a harmonious and entirely random musical arrangement.

But you don’t find what’s occurring below the surface. You close your eyes and all you hear is a ballad like you’ve never heard before, one completely unique to the movement of the sea at that exact moment .

Take a listen: Here’s what it voiced like at one particular moment, on one particular day. On any other day, it might sound completely different .

( Hit the orange button to hear it .)

Pretty amazing, right ?

The Sea Organ, or the Morske Orgulje, is an incredible accomplishment of architecture designed to bring life back to one of the world’s oldest cities.

Photo by Lisa/ Flickr

Zadar, a 3,000 -year-old city on the coast of Croatia, was almost completely destroyed in World War II so many of its ancient landmarks lost eternally. Years after a rebuilding that featured lots of plain, concrete structures, award-winning designer Nikola Bai was brought in to bring some delight back to the coastline.

That’s when he came up with the idea .

Photo by J We/ Flickr

No doubt he was inspired by the hydraulis a nifty little instrument built by the ancient Greeks that used water to push air through tuned pipes or even the Wave Organ in San Francisco a set of curved tubings built in the 1980 s that amplify the gurgles and howls of the Pacific Ocean.

But the intricate design of the Sea Organ is what defines it apart and induces it genuinely something to marvel at .

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Sad monkey face: No copyright for macaque, judge provisionally regulations

Posted By John Allen

( CNN) Monkeys can do a lot of things. Communicate. Make tools. Fling poo.

One thing they can’t do, according to a judge in San Francisco?

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