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Minnesota Prankster Uses Cold Weather To Freeze Pants In Odd Places

Posted By John Allen


For a good chunk of the early part of this winter, the cold weather seemed to be staying away. In parts of the Northeast, temperatures in December were actually warmer than in parts of Southern California. Unfortunately, the new year seems to have brought the cold with it and while the Northeast is gearing up for incoming polar vortices and massive blizzards, the Midwest has already seen its fair share of freezing weather.

Winters in Minnesota are, unsurprisingly, freezing cold. At a recent NFL playoff game for the Minnesota Vikings, the recorded temperature at kickoff was a positively bone-chilling -6 degrees Fahrenheit. With the wind shivering, it felt more like the negative twenties. Since they have to endure such bitter winters, it’s no astonish that Minnesotans have a lot of ways to make their own fun out of an otherwise miserable experience.

Back in 2013, Tom Grotting, a photographer from Minneapolis, decided to play a simple prank on everyone – he soaked pairs of pants in water and then places them in strategic locatings around town. The weather freezes them stiff, leaving a comically casual appearing pair of pants just hanging out in the cold as if they were being worn by ghosts.

Grotting started putting up these frozen pants around his neighborhood back in 2013.

Tom Grotting

According to an interview with ABC NEWS, Grotting initially started doing it for the benefit of his neighbor, Diane. Apparently, the long winters in Minnesota tend to dampen her spirits( we’re kindred spirits, Diane ), so he started freezing pants to entertain her.

Tom Grotting

He soaks the pants in pails of water then hangs them outside where he sculpts them as they freeze.

Tom Grotting


He likes to place them at a wide variety of locations around town, from local businesses and coffee shop to parking meters and, of course, front yards.

Tom Grotting

Minnesotans have a pretty good sense of humor when it comes to winter( they kinda “re going to have to” ), and as more and more people started considering Grotting’s handiwork, they decided to get in on the act too!

Tom Grotting

Of course , not everyone is a fan. Grotting’s daughter lately texted her parent after a big band rehearsal with the cornet segment, complaining that “the trumpets assured the pants.”

Tom Grotting


Others, however, are enthusiastically embracing the idea.

Tania Suarez

According to Grotting the pants are usually salvageable after the prank is done, although this year he utilized them to the point where they were probably best left for pranking purposes only.


Via: Distractify

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Dad Captures Special Moment Between 2-Day-Old Daughter And Great-Grandma

Posted By John Allen

They say a painting is worth hundreds of thousands of words, but there’s no denying that this one is worth so much more.

Scott Martin is a first-time father who lives in Washington State with his wife Jen and their precious newborn daughter.A photo of theirbaby girl Penelope at simply 2days old has quickly run viral since Martin posted it to amusement, networking, and news sharing website Reddit.

However, it’s not Penelope’s cuteness that has the internet freaking out over the adorable photo. In the photo, baby Penelope is staring into the eyes of her great-grandmother Millie Martin, who has 92 years on the tiny newborn…and I insure one seem will attain you melt, too.

Martin toldBuzzFeedthat he’s very close with his grandmother and having her fulfill his daughter was a very special occasion for the new parent. “They simply stared at each other for a while, it was like they knew each other, he said.He also told them the working day they met was especially emotional, because it would have been Millie’s 71 st marriage anniversary with Martin’s grandfather, who sadly passed away in August.

Surprisingly, this isn’t the first time the newborn has received viral fame.Months back, we shared this amazing story of the unborn baby clapping her hands in a 14 -week ultrasound, which you can see again below.

As heartbreaking as demise is, new life always comes with it. For this family, the circle of life couldn’t have been more beautiful.

First-time-father Scott Martin shared this photo of his 2-day-old daughter Penelope and her great-grandmother Millie on what would have been his grandparents’ 71 st bridal anniversary. Martin’s grandfather, a WWII vet, passed away in August. When he saw how his grandmother and newborn baby looked at one another, he told BuzzFeed “it was like they knew each other”.


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Democrat penalize Bernie Sanders campaign following Clinton data violate

Posted By John Allen

Democratic National Committee halts access to crucial voter file after Sanders staffer briefly accessed information about challengers operations

Less than 12 hours after Bernie Sanders received his biggest endorsement of the presidential campaign, the Democratic National Committee( DNC) has cut off his access to the Democratic partys all-important master voter file. The result is that his campaign is now unable to perform all the most basic aspects of voter contact such as knocking on doors and constructing telephone call in any functional way. While the Sanders campaign can still talk to voters, it has no way of actually keeping track of their identity and whether they is in favour of Vermont senators candidacy.

After NGP-VAN the company that administers the DNCs voter file updated its system on Wednesday, a flaw reportedly made some confidential data from Hillary Clintons campaign briefly accessible to the Sanders campaign and one campaign staffer was able to access that info. The staffer had now been been fired. The flaw was first reported by the Washington Post.

As a result of this temporary violate, the DNC has indefinitely cut off the Sanders campaigns access to the voter file, which functionally halts its field operation. The move by the DNC raises eyebrows as many Democrat, including Sanders and fellow presidential candidate Martin OMalley have long accused the DNCs chair, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz , of attempting to rig the presidential process to benefit Clinton. In particular, they have raised questions about the relative paucity of debates, which have been scheduled for weekend evenings and to coincide with other events such as a major University of Iowa football game.

The action by the DNC happens less than 48 hours before the third Democratic debate, which is scheduled for Saturday night, only a few days before Christmas and at the same time as a nationally televised NFL game. The news also broke less than 12 hours after Sanders received his biggest labor endorsement yet from the Communication Workers of America as well as the backing of the influential progressive activist group Democracy for America. However, national polls show Clinton with a steady lead of well over 20 percentage points over Sanders and the Vermont senator has struggled to keep pace with Clinton in the key early caucus nation of Iowa as well.

In a statement, Michael Briggs, a spokesman for the Sanders campaign told the Guardian the issue was research results of systemic failures by NGP-VAN. Sadly, the vendor who runs the DNCs voter file program have continued attain serious errors, said Briggs. On more than one occasion, the vendor has dropped the firewall between the data of different Democratic campaigns. Our campaign months ago alerted the DNC to the fact that campaign data was being made available to other campaigns. At that time our campaign did not run to the media, relying instead on assurances from the vendor.

He added of Wednesdays incident: Regrettably, yesterday, the vendor once again dropped the firewall between the campaigns for some data. After deliberation with the DNC it became clear that one of our staffers accessed some modeling data regarding another campaign. That behavior is unacceptable and that staffer was immediately fired. We are as interested as anyone in constructing assured that the software flaws are corrected since mistakes by the DNCs vendor also have built our records vulnerable. We are working with the DNC and the vendor and hope that this kind of lapsing will not occur again.

Stu Trevelyan, the chief executive of NGP-VAN, told the Protector: The security and privacy of our clients data is our top priority. This was an isolated incident where as research results of a software patch, for a brief window, the voter data that is searchable across campaigns in VoteBuilder included specific data points it should not have, on a specific part of the system.

Trevelyan, whose company is the dominant provider of software and data for Democratic political campaigns and US progressive causes, added: We are conducting a full audit to ensure the integrity of the system and security of the data, and reporting on the findings to the DNC.

A spokesman for the DNC didnt respond to request for remark from the Guardian.

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What Your Girlfriend Wishings, But Will Never Ask For

Posted By John Allen

She wants you to touch her mindlessly while the two of you watch a movie she doesnt want that’ Netflix and Chill touching, where the movie is clearly merely a pretext to do something else. She wants you to drag your fingers lightly along her arm, in her hair, on her hand. She wants to know that you want to touch her as a matter of habit, as a reflex that merely feels more right than doing nothing at all. Touching should become second nature , not always a means to an end.

She wants you to surprise her, but not with some grand gesture you assured in a movie. She doesnt need the guy illuminating a hundred candles in the shape of a heart or a cheesy term, and she doesnt required to serenaded with soft guitar music. She requires something the hell is romantic to merely the two of you, exactly to your definition. Amaze her with a bacon egg and cheese and coffee on a Saturday morning after shes been working hard all week. Amaze her with a bar thats full of board games, so you can finally find whos actually better at Connect Four over vodka and orange soda. Pick a movie that you know she loves more than anything, even if shes already seen it a dozen days, and set up a movie night around it. Let her know that you notice the little things.

She wants you to say that you love her, at weird, random moments when no one would expect it. She wants your words to feel like a kiss on her forehead in the dark, something she can scarcely feel but which she absolutely needs to feel is there. She wants your love to be something fluid and effortless , not built around big moments you feel obligated to mark. Sure, there can be special events, but theres something a thousand times more heart-swoony about hearing a quiet I love you when shes got a face mask and bathrobe on, when she guesses shes at her least lovable, when its the last thing she expects.

She wants you to love her as much in front of your friends. She wants you to kiss her cheek, to joke with you, to be the exact same style around them as he is around you. She never wants to feel like the girlfriend who has to be dragged around, like shes an anchor to all of the fun you would otherwise be having. She hears the style other guys can talk about their girlfriends when theyre not around, like their relationship is an obligation. She knows it would voice needy to ask, but she wants to know that you are never like that with her.

She wants to get a letter from you, to be surprised that you recollected something that she didnt, to hear the words I already took care of it. There is nothing more wonderful than knowing that someone else has already been putting in the suppose, that you were on their intellect enough to commit it to writing or make real schemes. Because thats the real romance thats been succumbing the romance of being thoughtful, the romance of taking your time and doing things right. She doesnt want to be the thing you recollect only when its late and you dont want to sleep alone. She doesnt want to be the one you come over to pretend to watch a movie with, just so you can expend a few hours in her limbs. She wants to be the one you plan ahead for, the one you take a few extra minutes to make things special for. She doesnt want your money or the things you can buy her, she wants your time. She wants your attention.

She wants your patience, in a world where everyone is going style too fast.

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Black Quarterbacks Are Benched Twice As Often As Whites, Study Finds

Posted By John Allen

This story was originally published by Pacific Standard .

“Black people aren’t have been able to construct missteps, ” musician Prince declared last year, in a statement that spoke for many. Screw up once, the thinking runs, and you’re out, having confirmed the view of many whites that you didn’t deserve a shot in the first place.

New research provides evidence of that destructive dynamic on one of America’s largest stages: the National Football League.

A new analyze concludes that, after a sub-par performance, black NFL quarterbacks are approximately twice as likely to be benched the following week than their white colleagues.

After taking a series of variables into account( including age, experience, and injury ), Assumption College economist Brian Volz detected a pattern of player replacement that indicates systematic racial discrimination. He also reports that, in terms of on-field performance, squads pay a price for this behavior.

Writing in the Journal of Sports Economics, Volz begins by noting that, over the last 13 seasons, the percentage of African-American starting quarterbacks ranged from 16 to 28 percentstartlingly low numbers, considering that about two-thirds of NFL players are black.

To determine whether this reflects racial discrimination, he investigated data regarding 2001 to 2009, looking specifically at quarterbacks who started the first game of the season.( He reasoned that those whose first game as a starter arrive afterward in the season may simply be replacing an injured or otherwise indisposed player .)

He then took into account a number of non-racial factors that could influence a quarterback being benched, including his age, experience, and performance; the quality of the second-string quarterback who replaced him; and of course any injuries he had sustained. In addition, he looked at the percentage of black residents in a team’s metropolitan area, to see if the racial make-up of the fan base had an impact on the decision.

Volz found that, once all the variables were factored in, “black favorite starting quarterback are 1.98 to 2.46 times more likely to be benched the next week” than white quarterbacks with approximately equivalent skills. “This implies that black quarterbacks may face some level of discrimination in the NFL, ” he writes.

“Limited evidence is found that black quarterbacks face less discrimination in areas with a larger percentage of black residents, ” he adds. This implies that, in some cases, “owners are simply responding to the desires of their customers.”

Or are they? Those fans want the team to win, and Volz’s analysis shows that “when white quarterbacks are replaced, the team improves by more than when black quarterbacks are replaced.” That, he writes, clearly shows “there is a cost to this discrimination.”

The outcomes suggest some whites feel a certain degree of discomfort watching an African American in an on-field leadership role, and this puts pressure on black quarterbacks to make promptly or be replaced. Whether the coach-and-fours and team owners are responding in a personally racist route, or believe they are reflecting the perceived predilections of the fans, is not clear. But either is equally indefensible.

Given the fact professional football is dealing with a lot of problems at the moment, one hesitates to pile on. But this pernicious pattern needs to be examined, and the discrimination it exposes should be ruled out of bounds.

Findings is a daily column by Pacific Standard faculty novelist Tom Jacobs, who scours the psychological-research periodicals to detect new insights into human behavior, ranging from the origins of our political beliefs to the cultivation of ingenuity .

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Confounded Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Assault? Ask Kesha.

Posted By John Allen

On Friday afternoon, a judge ruled against Kesha’s petition to be released from her contract with Sony. That contract perpetrates the 28 -year-old pop star to making six more albums with the company, and thus links her to a producer she tells sexually assaulted her.

In 2014, Kesha filed a lawsuit against producer Dr. Luke( Lukasz Gottwald ), whose production company is an example of Sony. According to Billboard, the lawsuit detailed Kesha’s claims that Dr. Luke had abused her for years, forcing her to snort drugs, devoting her “sober pills” and raping her. Since then, she has been in a protracted legal battle with the producer, trying to untangle herself from her contract with him.

Kesha is a wealthy, beautiful, white celebrity working at the upper echelons of an elite industry. Yet, even these privileges don’t set her apart from other victims of sexual abuse who face a justice system that often doesn’t be safeguarded. Her tale sheds light on why rape remains one of the most grossly underreported crimes.

Women( and men) often wait years to speak up about sexual abuse. Consider Bill Cosby’s victims, some of whom didn’t feel safe coming forward until multiple decades had passed. Still, that fact doesn’t stop people from questioning why victims don’t come forward sooner and suggesting their hesitance constructs them liars .

The truth is that there are few incentives to coming forward with an allegation of sexual assault. It entails having to recount a trauma over and over again, to people who may not even believe that what you say happened actually happened. It entails facing the judgments of those closest to you, and in Kesha’s case, the judgments of the public who determines the success of her career. It means being picked apart, as people try to find just how “perfect” a victim you are. It may entail dealing with law enforcement officials and members of a jury who have been socialized to believe myths about rape.

“You’ve already been violated, ” Madonna told Howard Stern last year where reference is asked why she never reported a violent assault to the police in the late 1970 s. “It’s simply not worth it. It’s too much humiliation.”

And most of the time, even after all of that “humiliation, ” an abuser will never ensure the inside of a jail cell. According to RAINN, simply 2 percent of rapists serve incarcerate time, and though it’s somewhat easier to win a civil suit than a criminal one , nothing is guaranteed.

At least in 2016, the court of public opinion can provide some support to women and men who come forward with sexual assault allegations. Today the hashtags #FreeKesha and #SonySupportsRape were trending, with people all over the world employing their Internet voices to speak out on Kesha’s behalf. Of course, these hashtags won’t change the outcome of her case.

Kesha came forward with her allegations. She made them public. She has been put through the wringer — emotionally, physically and professionally. But the distance she desires from her alleged abuser is still out of her reaching.

This sends a message to victims that coming forward entails running the risk of losing a lot and gaining little. What kind of “justice” is that?

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Girls put themselves in the shoes of Amy Schumer, Beyonce, and others to indicate what they can do.

Posted By John Allen

A recurring theme in 2015 has been “seeing is believing” especially for girls.

It’s easier to believe you can do something when you’ve find someone else do it. That’s why no matter how thwarted you get assembling IKEA furniture, you have to believe in those instructions. You ensure it put together in the store. You know it can be done!

2015 has been marked with some major “seeing is believing” milestones of its own. From slapstick to politics to athletics to engineering, many girls have taken the status quo and said, “ehhh let’s try it my route instead.”

These girls are helping to shift perceptions on what women and girls are capable of, and they’re inspiring a whole generation while they’re at it .

Could she be the next RBG? Perhaps! Image of Ginsburg from Steve Petteway/ Wikimedia Commons. Image of future-Ginsburg via GoldieBlox/ YouTube.

In a new music video, daughters step into the shoes of 10 of today’s top female role models.

The video comes from popular plaything company GoldieBlox and features mini-superstars like Sophia Grace, Heaven King, Jillian from EvanTubeHD, Sam Gordon, RadioJH Audrey, Annie and Hayley from Bratayley, and Flippin’ Katie.

Their message is simple: Girls can run on the field and operate the world. They can do whatever they want to do. And right now they’ve got some badass girls to show them how.

For instance, in 2015, Viola Davis became the first black female to win an Emmy for lead actress in a drama series, indicating millions of daughters around the world that they could too .

GIF via GoldieBlox/ YouTube.

And the on-point message Davis delivered devoted when accepting her awarding tells it all:

GIF from “6 7th Emmy Awards/ Fox.”

Remember when Misty Copeland became the first ever black principal ballerina at the American Ballet Theatre this year? Yeah, that was rad .

And now it seems more possible than ever before that any girl , no matter the color of her skin, can be next.

Shattering the ceiling in her ballet shoes.( Hello, Heaven King !) GIF via GoldieBlox/ YouTube.

A female who needs no introduction, Hillary Clinton is no stranger to the spotlight. She shows time and time again that it’s cool to stand up for what you believe in and, oh yeah, run for PRESIDENT!

The more girls see that politics isn’t simply a “boys only” club, the more likely they are to go for it.

We require more amazing lady power suits in office. GIF via GoldieBlox/ YouTube.

And let’s not forget Amy Schumer, who has proven that you can find hilarious ways to talk about issues that matter, like equal pay and sex double criteria .

Her “Girl, you don’t need makeup” sketch was gold.

You can show how smart you are AND be funny. Run get ’em, daughters. GIF via GoldieBlox/ YouTube.

So many industries today are male-dominated, and the idea that ‘you can’t be what you can’t see’ hits home with women of all ages. It’s refreshing to see that beginning to change.

How are you supposed to think you can become a female NFL coach if you merely consider men on the job? A female named Jenn Welter made it happen this year. Now, who will be the next?

Slowly but surely, the tide is turning.

GoldieBlox and organizations like The Representation Project are helping to make it happen by glistening a light on the need for positive girls role model in the media and showing that there is more for girls outside of the stereotypical pink aisle at the department store.

It’s working. Bring on 2016.

You can watch GoldieBlox’s music video celebrating some of this year’s girls superstars and their mini-me’s here:

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Carole King and President Obama couldn’t even handle this Aretha Franklin performance.

Posted By John Allen

There are performances, and then there are performances .

Photo by CBS/ YouTube.

More specifically, there are performances that you walk away from thinking, “Yeah, cool. Cool concert.”

Then there are the kind of performances that people talk about for years. The kind that makes them operate home instantly to kiss their children and pets and tell all their friends how much they truly love them. The kind that makes grown men sob, newborns talk, and cats and dogs put away their differences eternally.

Aretha Franklin merely dedicated one of those performances.

Photo by CBS/ YouTube.

It happened at the Kennedy Center Honors in Washington , D.C ., where dozens of artists, legislators, and general bigwigs had gathered to pay tribute to songwriter Carole King among others.

The ceremony was humming along pretty much agreeably, when the 73 -year-old Franklin stepped up to the mic and busted out a jaw-dropping rendition of “( You Induce Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman, ” which King wrote for the vocalist in 1967.

There once was a period where performances like these were once-in-a-lifetime instances, never to be experienced again like they were that first time .( Yes, Aunt Cindy, I do wish I had been alive to see Country Joe and the Fish at Woodstock. I’m extremely sorry I wasn’t .)

Fortunately, it’s 2015, and there is YouTube.

The performance inspired a lot of impressions among the assembled guests, including …

King losing her mind .

GIFs via CBS.

President Obama tearing up …

… and later pumping his fist in victory .

An entire crowd of fancy, tuxedo people leaping to their feet .

Yep, that’s everything. Everything anybody could want out of anything.

It’s a true must-watch.

I won’t blame you if you don’t watch it. But you’ll be cheating yourself. And Aunt Cindy will never let you live it down.( Yes, yes! I know, Aunt Cindy. My generation will never experience such a sublime a moment of peace and togetherness .)

Please do yourself a favor and run watch it. It’s my New Year’s gift to you and yours .

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Bernie Sanders beats Hillary Clinton with huge win in Washington state

Posted By John Allen

Bernie Sandersbeat Hillary Clinton in the Washington caucus on Saturday, the most recent combat in the ongoing Democratic race for president.

Sanders, the independent Vermont senator, results Clinton 76 percentage to 23.7 percentage, with 31 percent of the votes tallied.

We are attaining significant inroads in Secretary Clinton’s lead, Sanders told a crowd in Madison, Wisconsin, following hiswin in Alaska’s caucus, and we have … a track toward victory.

Sanders praised the approximately 1 million advocates who he tells have attended his rallies so far, particularly young person, who overwhelmingly supporter Sanders over Clinton.

The state awards 101 delegates, which will be divvied up proportionally depending on the official referendum count. If the margins hold, Sanders will take roughy 75 delegates, while Clinton will take around 26 delegates. Every county in the state voted for Barack Obama in 2012.

Just yesterday, Sanders described 15,000 advocates to Seattle’s Safeco field for a rally.

Sanders addressed a range of phases in Seattle, including polls that indicate him winning in a general election by a wider margin than Clinton over likely Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Earlier on Friday, Sanders brought 11,500 advocates to Portlands Moda Center.

While Clinton maintains a sizable leading in the delegate race, Sanders’s win in Washington bodes well for his prospects over the next two months. Clinton’s camp, however, had already conceded that Sanders was likely to win the state and argues it won’t change the state of the race.

Washington is considered an important state in the race because of the key variety of demographics it holds. County across the state vary widely in racial diversity, education level, and population density. Sanders’ prior success among educated young white voters has meant he’s been seeking to broaden his voter base and his victories.

In addition to Alaska and Washington, Hawaii is also holding a Democratic presidential caucus on Saturday, starting at 1pm local time.

The Democratic race continues April 5 in Wisconsin and April 9 in Wyoming.

Photo viaAFGE/ Flickr( CC BY 2.0 )

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Jon Stewart Returns to Take Down Trump and the GOP: I Consider Your Bullshit

Posted By John Allen

On the day Roger Ailes resigned and Donald Trump accepted the GOP nomination, Jon Stewart returned to what he does best: rending Republicans and Fox News. “>

Today, Roger Ailes resigned as chairman of Fox News after scathing accusations of sexual harassment emerged and Donald Trump officially accepted the Republican presidential nomination. Those are the kinds of stories with which Jon Stewart would have had a field day back when he was hosting The Daily Show . Sadly, hes no longer around to tell us how he feels about the news. Or is he?

Following his surprise appearance on The Late Show earlier the coming week to help usher The Colbert Report s Stephen Colbert back into our hearts, Stewart demonstrated up once again Thursday night to deliver an old-school Daily Show -style takedown of the Fox News empire that helped construct Donald Trump the Republican presidential nominee.

I only want to say that, although I spent well over a decade making fun of his network and him and the damage I think he did to the world, the news of this human losing his chore gives me no pleasure, Stephen Colbert told, before asking the camera to cut away so he could chuckle with elation. If only there was someone I could share this lack of pleasure with.

At that point, a bearded, T-shirt-wearing Stewart seemed beside Colbert. I was wondering if I could just maybe talk about the election for a little bit, he told, asking the Late Show host to step aside so he could take over. After strapping on a jacket and clip-on tie-in, he seemed to finally feel back at home delivering the type of scathing political commentary we havent hear from Trevor Noah or Colbert since Stewart entered retirement last year.

Starting with the RNC, Stewart told, The Republicans appear to have a very clear plan for America. One, jail your political opponent. Two, inject Rudy Giuliani with a speedball-and-Red Bull enema, and, three, spend the rest of the time scaring the holy bejesus out of everybody.

But instead of that, Stewart said he wanted to focus on the contortions many conservatives will have to do to embrace Donald J. Trump, a human who clearly personifies all the things that they have said for years that they have hated about Barack Obama. After playing a series of Fox News pundits rending the Democratic chairperson, he told, A thin-skinned narcissist with no government experience? Yes, that voices exactly like Barack Obama.

To trace the journey of how the conservative media have been and will continue to justify the choice that Republicans have constructed, Stewart homed in on a single target: Fox News host Sean Hannity, whom he referred to as Lumpy.

While Hannity guessed Obama was the most divisive president in American history, he has no problem with Trump calling Mexican immigrants rapists. As Stewart added, Im not an expert on racial unity, but I do believe that some of our more vaunted historical leaders in that area did retweet white supremacists less than Trump.

Hannity has also slammed Obama for using a teleprompter, something Trump now does regularly. When he examined how Hannity once criticized the style elitist Obama orders a burger, Stewart even managed to work in one of his classic Arbys plugs. Hannity likes to call Trump a blue-collar billionaire.

Thats not a thing, Stewart deadpanned. Trump does seem like the kind of guy youd like to sit down and own a fleet of aircrafts with.

But more than anything over the past eight years, Hannity and his Fox News friends have eviscerated Obama for not being Christian enough. Yet when the Pope questioned Trumps Christianity, Hannity was outraged. Yeah, who died and constructed that guy pope? Stewart joked.

Heres where we are, Stewart told, setting off on a ranting that ranks up there with his greatest hits. Either Lumpy and friends are lying about being bothered by thin-skinned, authoritarian, less-than-Christian readers-of-prompter being chairperson, or they dont care, as long as its their thin-skinned prompter authoritarian tyrant narcissist. You only want that person to give you your country back, because you feel that you are this countrys rightful proprietor. The only problem with that: This country isnt yours. You dont own it. It never was. There is no real America. You dont own it. You dont own patriotism. You dont own Christianity. You sure as hell dont own respect for the fearlessnes and sacrifice for military, police, and firefighters. Trust me!

I assured a lot of people on the convention floor with their Blue Lives Matter rhetoric who either remained silent or actively fought against the 9/11 first responders bill reauthorization, he continued. So I see you, and I see your bullshit, he added, triggering CBSs censors.

After briefly quoting Lin-Manuel Mirandas Hamilton, Stewart finished by saying, Those opposing be listed in the ideal of equality are not being divisive. Those opposing to keep those people out are. So, Lumpy, you and your friends have espoused Donald Trump. Clearly the c next to your names dont stand for constitutional or conservative, but cravenly convenient

Before Stewart could get out that last c-word, Colbert blew an air horn and told Stewart the latter are out of time. Instead of falling the mic, Stewart dropped his tie-in on the desk.

He may be out of the game, but hes lost none of his skill.

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