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All In One Marketing System

Posted By John Allen

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Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl playbook and they reveal a lot about him

Posted By John Allen

Image: mashable composite, getty images; max knoblauch

Bill Belichick, heading into his seventh Super Bowl as a head coach, is undoubtedly one of the best play-callers in the history of the NFL.

His methods are well-documented, his preparation unmatched. But just what’s in that playbook of his is still a mystery until game day.

Until now.


We have uncovered nine incredible pages from the Super Bowl LI playbook of Bill Belichick a notoriously withdrawn and unemotional man. The plays, along with Belichick’s various notes and doodles, give us an inside look at the brain behind the Patriots dynasty.

1. A doodle of him grinding a falcon

Image: max knoblauch

2. Several pages of a comic called “The Coolest Guys” featuring him and President Trump

Image: max knoblauch

3. A list of reminders

Image: max knoblauch

4. Pages and pages dedicated to a fantasy in which he is adopted by Tom Brady and Gisele Bndchen

5. A bunch of new logos for the team (all bad)


6. Impossible plays that “would be cool”


7. Revealing notes for his post-game interview strategy


8. Dozens of mean drawings of Falcons QB Matt Ryan


9. Over 20 drawings of sexy footballs with the word “DAMN” written above them


BONUS: Netflix Settle: The new feature for couples who disagree

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Introducing: Crypto Currency

Posted By John Allen

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He who must not be named: how Harry Potter helps make sense of Trump’s world

Posted By John Allen

For fans of the wizard series, the new political order is Dumbledores army v President Voldemort. Is it merely a juvenile comparing or have JK Rowlings books shaped a generations supposing?


Every generation has its go-to pop-culture political analogy. For decades, it was Star Wars. Its easy to see how Reagans 80 s space-based weapons shield initiative earned its nickname, for example, but the reference has suffered, to the extent that White House chief strategist Steve Bannon expressed his admiration for the dark side in a recent interview: Darkness is good. Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, Satan. Thats power. But one name was missing from that list: Voldemort.

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The Harry Potter rogue has risen again over the past couple of years, as fans have described comparisons, often humorously, between a world under threat from a narcissistic tyrant and that of the Harry Potter books. In February, Bannon was the subject of a Buzzfeed quiz that asked, Who Told It: Steve Bannon or Lord Voldermort ?; it was harder than you might have thought. JK Rowlings readers have grown up at approximately the same pace as Harry, Ron and Hermione, and with its hundreds of millions of volume marketings and the massive success of the movie adaptations, the series reach has been enormous.

What Harry Potter has given a generation is a simple tale of good triumphing over evil, and, as a result, it has been a frequent and controversial point of reference in these times of political divisiveness. At the worldwide Womens Marches in January, there were plenty of homemade signs that indicated Princess Leia as the face of a new resistance, but there were as many Potter ones, such as Dumbledores army, inspirational quotes from the series and references to Hermiones role in Harrys survival. Perhaps these posters had been inspired by an outpouring of affection for the books following the US election in November, as people began to post quotes on Twitter. Order of the Phoenix, mount up, wrote Hamilton inventor Lin-Manuel Miranda. There is even a Chrome extension that changes any mention of Donald Trump or his cabinet to the name of a notable Death Eater. Install it, and your browser will instantly refer to Betsy DeVos as Dolores Umbridge, Jeff Sessions as Antonin Dolohov or Rex Tillerson as Draco Malfoy.

Placards at the Woman March in Washington DC. Photo: Patsy Lynch/ REX/ Shutterstock

I would have been nine or 10 when I started reading it, says Jamie MacColl, 26, the guitarist in Bombay Bicycle Club. Last year MacColl set up the campaign group Undivided, which aims to ensure young peoples voices are heard in Brexit negotiations, and he recently appeared on the BBC Question Time panel. I recollect the craze to read each new volume within minutes of it came to see you, and queueing up in the middle of the night at the bookshop to get it. He says that he can only think of their political or social message in light of JK Rowlings transparently left-leaning Twitter presence. I suppose she has a similar kind of politics to me. But one of the things that struck me at the time was that it didnt matter who you were. Hermione had no wizard blood and was by far the most capable.

The broad central message of the Potter volumes is diversity and adoption of change. As the characters grow older, and the books more complex and mature, the political the effects of not heeding this doctrine become darker and more imperil. The baddies insistence on the superiority of purebloods over mudbloods has overtones of ethnic cleansing; the Death Eaters are fascistic. It would be mean-spirited to spoil the carefully guarded plot of The Cursed Child for those with tickets to see it, but it is fair to say that there is plenty in the play that stimulates this association clear.

Its a lot of fun to update the references and see how Rowlings vision works for the current epoch. Throughout the series, the Ministry of Magic is full of incompetent, debase, bumbling figures whose only aspiration is to cling on to power. The press is untrustworthy and hysterical. In a magical premonition of phone-hacking, the journalist Rita Skeeter transforms herself into a beetle in order to report on details nobody else could know about. The Daily Prophet is often used as a marionette of the system in order to sway popular opinions. About the recent Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Rowling said, I was partly inspired by the rise of populism around the world .~ ATAGEND The the purpose of explaining the anti-magic sentiment rippling through 1920 s New York in the film could be taken from Brexit Britain: When No-Majs[ American for muggle] are afraid, they attack.

Steve Bannon, who lately said: Darkness is good. Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, Satan. Thats power. Photo: REX/ Shutterstock

In 2013, Anthony Gierzynski, a professor of political science at the University of Vermont, published a study called Harry Potter and the Millennials: Research Methods and the Politics of the Muggle Generation, co-authored with Kathryn Eddy. It aimed to answer the question of whether the Harry Potter story had influenced the politics of millennials. In the introduction, Gierzynski discusses, with what now looks like quaint naivety, online comparisons that at the time variously likened Voldemort to Rick Perry and Dick Cheney.

To say the political landscape has changed is an understatement, he tells me. We have a chairwoman whose rhetoric promotes fanaticism and who fits the typical authoritarian personality. I would think the Harry Potter lessons are even more relevant today than they were for the 2012 election.

Rowling herself nodded to a Trump/ Voldemort comparison back in 2015, when Trump first proposed a ban on Muslims entering the US. How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad, she tweeted. The link has been make use of others, and often; there are countless memes comparing the president to He Who Must Not Be Named.( Intriguingly, when criticising Trump in recent speeches or interviews, celebrities such as Meryl Streep and Kristen Stewart have declined to address him by name, a stance shared with many US activists .)

In the case of Trump, Gierzynski suggests, a better reference point would be an incompetent Ministry of Magic, Cornelius Fudge-type figure. But he also points out that throwing names around is unlikely to be helpful in the long run. Calling anyone Voldemort is problematic in terms of the debate you might have. It shuts down the debate, he says. If you have a discussion[ about] what happens with these kinds of leaders, and how this leads to an intolerance of out groups that is where the value of the Harry Potter series is, to me. It can provide lessons about how you deal with that sort of injustice and intolerance.

In 2016, Diana Mutz, professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania and director of the Institute for the Study of Citizens and Politics, published a paper called Harry Potter and the Deathly Donald, which cautiously argued that reading Harry Potter or watching the films lowered Americans sentiments of Trump and his policies. Stories can sway people views; Harry Potter is just one that happens to have been read and viewed by a massive number of people. This constructs it potentially more influential than most tales, she tells me by email. Fictional stories are more than just analogies; they are a time-honoured way of influencing opinions. Think of Uncle Toms Cabin and American attitudes towards slavery.

Michael Gambon as Dumbledore. Photo: Warner Bros/ Sportsphoto/ Allstar

Like Gierzynski, Mutz suggests that the messages of tolerance and diversity in the Harry Potter world have influenced the beliefs of its readers, rather than reflecting an existing point of view. But she was surprised by the strength of the backlash she received upon publishing of the paper. I have never received more hate mail than in response to this study; its a little bit scary, to be honest. Clearly, people who like Donald Trump are uncomfortable with the studys findings, but with empirical data, you dont get to choose your findings. They are what they are, she says.( The current climate is so toxic that Gierzynski also expressed concern. Theres a little bit of anxiety in our discourse. Usually, when I talk to journalists, I wouldnt worry, but these days I do .)

Trump advocates are not alone in criticising the use of Harry Potter as a political analogy. In a scathing post-election column for Esquire last November, Corey Atad wrote that even though he considers himself to be an enormous Harry Potter fan, he found the comparing of Trump to Voldemort, and the idea of an opposition that is Dumbledores army, to be repellent. In tweet after shameful tweet, intellectually and emotionally stunted adults sought to place the election of a fascistic president in words they could easily understand, he wrote. The Huffington Post operated a story that called Trump/ Voldemort comparisons inane and condescending, while Matthew Dessem, a writer for Slate, was similarly outraged: Are you fucking kidding me with this shit? … This is really happening.

All three pieces were written in the immediate aftermath of the election; the anger and fear is palpable and understandable. But the idea of using fictional tales to understand and interpret the world is as old as hour; it is no coincidence that sales of Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Handmaids Tale have soared since November. If, as academics such as Mutz and Gierzynski contend, the Harry Potter series has created a generation of people who are more open-minded and tolerant of difference owing to the books they read as children, then it seems far from adolescent and reductive.

Besides, there is little to suggest that tweeting a Dumbledore quote is as far as a Potter fan might take it. In June last year, Yeni Lopez Sleidi, the editor of the site wwwayward, attained posters of Donald Trump underneath a motivational quote: There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it. Potter fans may recognise these terms as are subordinate to Professor Quirrell, recollecting what the Dark Lord taught him. Sleidi sold a number of posters to Trump supporters and donated the profits to Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, a charity that supports LGBTQ Latino communities. If the purchaser had set the posters on their walls and turned off the illuminations, they would have found that their purchase had a secret: in the dark, Trump vanishes, to be replaced by a glowing green image of Voldemort. Now thats magic.

Read more: www.theguardian.com

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The Great Bitcoin Heist Ends in Itty Bitty Charges

Posted By John Allen

TOKYO–The trial of the former CEO of the collapsed bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox on charges of embezzlement and data manipulation opened Tuesday. Mark Karpeles pleaded not guilty on all counts. But even if he is innocent, he is unlikely to win; Japan has a 99 percentage conviction rate once someone has been indicted and Japan’s attorneys truly detest to lose.

And even if a defendant wins, the prosecution can appeal the instance, the accused are retried, and they usually lose on appeal. In fact, “not guilty” verdicts are so rare that a magistrate in the Osaka High Court has become famous merely for actually overturning several guilty verdicts. For Japan, a judge find people innocent–that’s mind-blowing stuff.

It has been a long road to this trial, which began with the proclamation of Mt. Gox losing millions of dollars worth of the virtual currency known as bitcoin in February of 2014. At the time, angry Mt. Gox customers picketed the headquarters of the company with signs reading” Where is our money !” Many had hoped that Tuesday’s trial would shed light on that question.

But the courtroom proceedings probably will only make one thing clear: The Japanese police and prosecution have no damn idea where the bitcoins faded, how they faded, or who took them.

In fact , none of the final charges pertain to the missing bitcoins, which show the Japanese authorities’ colossal failure to solve the mystery of what happened. And indeed, that embarrassing failure may be the real reason Karpeles is even on trial.

Bitcoin is a digital currency created in 2009, first set out in a white paper by the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto, whose true identity is unknown. There are no physical bitcoins, only balances maintained on a public ledger in cyberspace along with all bitcoin transactions. It is traded like gold and other commodities and lately reached a value of $3000 per bitcoin( BTC ).

According to a copy of the indictment which The Daily Beast was shown, Karpeles is alleged to have moved a total of Y= 341 million ($ 3 million) from a Mt. Gox customer account to an external account between September and December 2013 and this amounts to larceny.

Prosecutors argued in their opening statements that Karpeles managed the company assets and fund entrusted by the company’s clients in the same bank account and failed to respond to requests by company associates to separate them. The Daily Beast spoke to a former accountant for the firm who did confirm that” accounting practices were lax but that in itself is not a crime .”

At the trial, a slimmed-down Karpeles read out a prepared statement in Japanese:” I swear that I am not guilty. I am sincerely sorry for causing difficulty to many clients with the bankruptcy of Mt. Gox ,” he said, and repeated previous claims that the missing bitcoins had been hacked by an outside party.

Of the Y= 341 million allegedly embezzled by Karpeles, some Y= 315 million were used for purchasing a 3D printer business. The attorneys allege that in addition to the acquisition funds, at least Y= 6 million were used to purchase a French luxury bed for Karpeles’ own personal use.

His lawyers told the court that the remittances were Mt. Gox revenues, rather than customer funds, and that accounting entries related to them were part and parcel of the normal process of exchanging cash for bitcoins, and part of Mt. Gox’s business model.

The attorneys seemed confused as to how bitcoin exchanges work. The defense also argued that purchase of the 3D printer business was done as part of the Mt. Gox business plan and that the other money spent was from Karpeles’ wage as a CEO and not taken from corporate funds. Karpeles, the defense said, did not personally profit from the acquisition of the new business.

The defense also argued, slightly cheekily,” In Japan, the CEOs of midsize companies routinely loan fund to group companies or borrow money from companies within their group for M& A. If the prosecution insists that this act is embezzlement or special breech of trust, then that would mean in our country[ Japan] several hundred thousands of these crimes are committed every year .”

When Mt. Gox filed for bankruptcy, it reported that 850,000 bitcoins, worth over $400 million at the time, had disappeared or been stolen by hackers. Later Karpeles determined 200,000 bitcoins in “cold storage” and turned it over to the trustee. Ironically, when bitcoin reached a historic high for two days on June 11, trading at over $3,000 a coin–it would have been possible for the trustee to pay all the creditors the money they had lost. The Mt. Gox trustee holds 200,000 bitcoins which would have been worth over $600 million, almost $200 million more than the estimated $400 million owed to creditors. According to a report in the Asahi Shimbun , the regent is considering cashing in the coins to pay back the creditors.

But what about the other missing 650,000 bitcoins? The police and prosecutors have no notion where they are and at this point in time , no interest in finding out. Lead defense attorney Nobuyasu Ogata and the legal squad representing Karpeles argued in their opening statement Tuesday:

” In order to find out the truth of why Mt. Gox collapsed and what really happened, the defendant has been working with the police, devoting them access to data, hoping they would find the hacker. However, this case has absolutely nothing to do with the company’s breakdown … The collapse of Mt. Gox was an international scandal. The Tokyo Police Department began to investigate it as a hacking suit, but unable to find the criminal, or prove what happened, and unable to publicly acknowledge it they decided they must do something, they apprehended Mark Karpeles instead. By the end of the trial, we will make it clear why an innocent human was brought to justice and that he is not guilty of all the spurious charges that the prosecution has drawn up .”

The case has taken an unusually long time to come to trial in part because the police arrested and rearrested Karpeles hoping that he would make a confession to the whereabouts of the missing coins. He did not.

The police and prosecutors failed to get a complete financial statement of the firm in the initial stages of the investigation. At one point, according to sources in the prosecutor’s office, the judge handling the preparation of the case told the prosecutors,” Stop tacking on charges. A throw-everything-at-the-wall-and-hope-that-something-sticks approach to prosecuting an individual is not acceptable. And get the accounting done correctly .”

The Japanese police do not excel at analyse cyber crimes and in the past have arrested several someones for constructing menaces and other crimes when he was framed by a rascal hacker. One of the innocent victims was browbeaten into making a confession even though he had not perpetrated the crime.

The trial is expected to continue for about six months.

Read more: www.thedailybeast.com

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Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill- the musical!

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Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill- the musical!

Posted By John Allen

Cant imagine what the libretto for a depict based on the singers seminal 1995 album might be like? Wonder no more

Twenty-two years after its release, Alanis Morissettes Jagged Little Pillremains one of the defining albums of the 1990 s. Reports now suggest that a musical inspired by the record is finally on its way to Broadway. The book( narrative bit) is being put together by Diablo Juno Cody but it seems unlikely that an Oscar-winning screenwriter can bring Jagged Little Pill to theatrical life with the tact, passion and sensitivity it really deserves. So we thought we would give it a go.

Our musical is called A Love Affair Never is Simple, which is, youll be pleased to note, a little bit mnemonic.

Curtain up !

We open on the musicals protagonist, Mary Jane. Offering the audience its first glimpse of the Jagged Little Pill songbook, Mary Jane sings a reworked version of All I Really Want. She breaks the fourth wall when she sings to the audience( Enough about me, lets talk about you for a minute Enough about you, lets talk about life for a while) before using the anthem to introduce the musicals main storyline: What I wouldnt give to find a soulmate, someone else to catch this float. Jagged Little Pill touched on various complex and intense themes but for the sake of flogging tickets on Broadway our tale is just about a lonely, cash-strapped person looking for love. During All I Really Want, the line Im like Estella, I like to reel it in and then spit it out is changed so as to no longer reference Great Expectations. I like Estrella, I like to drink it and not spit it out has been factored in as part of a complex endorsement enter into negotiations with a brew brand.

Here comes the sassy best friend

The doorbell rings! Its Mary Janes best mate Chardonnay who tries to cheer her friend up by belting out a river of life tips-off, wake-up calls and trite, homespun wisdom to the tune of You Learn. Sadly, as Chardonnay depicts breath in anticipation of the songs big vocal crescendo, she swallows a black fly, chokes and while Mary Jane continues to wait for an already-late ambulance thats now stuck in a traffic jam dies.

Ironic damsel … Morissette in her Jagged Little Pill prime. Photograph: Jeff Kravitz/ FilmMagic

Enter love interest, stage left

The ambulance eventually arrives and with it comes a handsome man; not the doctor, but the driver, called Hans. Naturally, because this is a musical and we really need to move things along promptly, Mary Jane falls head over feet in love. The pair embark on a whirlwind romance and it even looks like Mary Janes money woes will be over when Hans wins the gamble, but within 24 hours he is dead; attacked by an interloper while cooking, his attempts to defend himself with kitchen enforces are obstructed when he is only able to lay his hands on spoons.

The funeral

Sadly for Mary Jane the drama is not over yet. As Hanss coffin is lowered into the ground and Mary Jane says goodbye to the man of her dreamings she gratifies his beautiful wife.( The wife happens to be Catholic for reasons pertaining to still-to-be-crowbarred-in song references .) Mary Jane runs berserk, jumping on to the coffin and thundering on the lid while calling a furious version of You Oughta Know. As she sings it right through, you know shes in pain. In search of close and as a reminder of the mess he left when he went away Mary Jane chooses to wear a picture of Hans around her neck. But that closure doesnt come easy due to a late arrival at the funeral. Its Hanss identical twin brother. Hes also called Hans. Is this Mary Janes second chance at love?

The bridal

Yes it is. For the musicals euphoric final scene we find ourselves at the bridal of Mary Jane and the second Hans, where theyre joined by Hans 1s widow( shes forgiven Mary Jane; you know how those Catholic daughters can be) plus Chardonnays ghost, who booked a wedding vocalist to sing a song about rain on this bridal day, merely to discover that a meteorological flaw has confounded forecasts resulting in bright sunshine, thus rendering the vocalists choice of ballad ironic, as well as Ironic, although only ironic in the same style that the ironies in Ironic are ironically not ironic. Mary Jane and her new spouse celebrate, means that while Mary Jane has still got one Hans in her locket, the other one is giving her a high five.

Read more: www.theguardian.com

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Tale of cities #43: how Dubai’s World Trade Centre sold the city to the world

Posted By John Allen

In the 1970 s, the World Trade Centre stood beyond the leading edge of the city and convinced the world that oil-rich Dubai was open for business

There is a story told about Dubais World Trade Centre. It is about a businessman who came to the city in the early 1970 s. He entered the court of Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed al Maktoum and asked for a piece of land on which to build. The sheikh consented, and sent a surveyor to reveal the businessman the site. The following day, the businessman returned to court and declined the offer saying, as politely as he could, that he had expected a site much closer to the city centre.

Months subsequently, upon find how quickly Dubai had sprawled outwards, he returned to tribunal and grovelled. He had failed to see the sheikhs magnanimity, he said, and wished to have the plenty after all. The sheikh informed him that the original site was now already spoken for, but offered another in its place. Once again, the businessman was taken to the site, this one much further out than the original offer. He turned his face in abhorrence and never returned. The second piece of land was the site of the World Trade Centre.

Caught in a reversal telling of Tantalus, reaching for but never willing to pluck fruit from a bountiful tree, the businessman wasnt alone in scoffing at Dubais future expansion. The city at the time seemed still focused on the hustle around the water of what was known as Dubai Creek. When the World Trade Centre came along, it was often photographed as marooned in a distant patch of desert a desert that somehow was also various kinds of swampy; there was a bad mosquito problem. The writer Jonathan Raban ensure the tower as he entered the city from Abu Dhabi. He called it smug.

Now the World Trade Centre is the gateway to the most memorable stretching of Dubais Sheikh Zayed Road, or E11, lined by duelling skylines and the subject of endless gleaming photograph pitched to investors: two rows of skyscrapers, in fractious opposition, facing off across a 12 -lane highway. With an exterior that is like a lattice made of tusk, the World Trade Centre is Sheikh Zayed Roads opening act but for decades it stood as a signpost, a marker for where Dubais development would eventually reach and surpass.

Dubai was an important port city for foreign merchants before the discovery of oil. Photograph: Sipa Press/ Rex/ Shutterstock

Today it is magisterial, if also a little quaint. At 150 m, its height scarcely qualifies it as a skyscraper. Up close “youre feeling” you could nearly put your limbs around it. When a new celebrity architect arrived at the township, he is often asked what he( its almost always a he) thinks of Dubais architecture. If he is sensible enough to conjure up a compliment, he will express admiration for the World Trade Centre. It will become a hip place some day soon. For now, its meaning derives from another epoch.

In 1974, Dubai was a very different place than it is today. Oil had been discovered in the emirate merely eight years previously, and the former trading town which merely watched its first asphalt road in 1960 was rapidly growing into a modern city. Banks vied with international hotel chains for a opinion over the creek. Europeans, Arabs, North Americans and south Asians were arriving by airplane and barge to profit from a city whose population had doubled in four years, to more than a million.

And yet you could still watch wooden dhows from Pakistan, Iran and India shipping rice and canned goods, and residents still use the old souks for at the least some of their shopping asking a favourite tailor to copy this seasons London manners, for example, or getting a radio repaired. Traffic was becoming unbearable. Dubais wealthier residents had begun to catch suburban fever, and city officials claimed the city needed to quadruple in sizing to meet demand. The Financial Times growled that Dubai was a city under strain. Western expatriates were known to complain of hissing empty taps, the blackouts, and the telex breakdowns.

Sheikh Rashid who the British press liked to call the merchant prince and had travelled to enough financial capitals to witness the ongoing merge of business with leisure commissioned his trusted designer, John Harris, to design an exhibit center for trade fairs. Within a few months, Harris returned with a campus of six-storey buildings. Rashid demanded a tower, and Harris who had entered with a proposal for an exhibition centre left the meeting with the mandate to design a World Trade Centre, a de facto franchise of the now world-famous brand.

Sheikh Zayed Road viewed from the 154 th floor of the Burj Khalifa, currently the worlds tallest building. Photo: David Cannon/ Getty Images

He dutifully visited the ones in New York and in Tokyo, and set about constructing a 33 -storey giant, by the far the tallest building in Dubai at the time. Halfway into construction, Sheikh Rashid insisted it be taller. It eventually topped out at the equivalent of 39 storeys.

If a skyscraper helps convince the world your city is for real, the World Trade Centre persuaded Dubai that it was open for business. The complex included all the elements supposedly needed by a global city: a luxury hotel, three towers of expensive apartments, an exhibit centre, a parking garage, tennis courts. You came in from the desert via a ramp, arriving at a raised entryway that kept sand off the marble floors and emphasised how the World Trade Centre was leaving the old ways behind: the city was going inside. Twenty-four hour management, security guards, a businessmans club, a traveling agency, a post office, a cinema, all of it promised smooth commercial transactions. Air-conditioning no longer meant a boxy division hanging out of the window, but a temperature-controlled environment where it was always 22 C.

The World Trade Centre was an early version of the city-within-the-city. You could live, work and play there. And every interior space not to mention the oasis gardens was carefully calculated into your management fees. The floor of the exhibition centre itself was modular it could become an ice-skating rink or a boxing ring with stadium seating.

Recreation merged smoothly into work. Marketing consultants indicated a mezzanine lounge with a rich Middle Eastern decor[ and] free coffee. Shared spaces offered desks, local telephones, news service tickers, and notice boards[ to] assist visitors adjust to unfamiliar surroundings. Sheikh Rashids consultants emphasized to Harris the importance of amenity and recreation in the interest of trade.

Dubais economy was based on revenues from trade until petroleum was discovered in 1966. Photograph: Paul Popper/ Popperfoto/ Getty Images

The Hilton, meanwhile, offered minibars and room service standard today, but at the time businessmen were known to arrive in Dubai to discover that they had reserved not a room, but a bed in a room. Tales abound of British purveyors and consultants arriving to drum up business in the 1960 s and 1970 s and having to sleep on stoops and freshen up in a public humen room before the pitching satisfying the next day. With the opening of the World Trade Centre, there was now a temporary glut of high-end rooms. Dubais global industrialists could eat Maine lobster, chilled on ice. The complex even operated on its own power plant.

It was also an operating city, especially when the 500 luxury apartments furnished by the Hilton opened next door, allowing you to live like a guest who pays for his own hospitality. Owned by Dubais ruler, the entire complex was meant to function independently from the rest of the city. The sheikh even owned the management company whose marketing campaigns in British newspapers pitched the superstructure as the natural centre of the Arab world.

But if the complex functioned as its own city, it wasnt abandoned outside the rest of the city. It was connected, by Dubais largest roundabout, to the vast staging site for Port Rashid, a 15 -year building project. Between the tower and the port lay Quonset huts and temporary warehouses, mounds of ground, tents and sheds assembled for labourers, forgotten debris from earlier the stages of construction; all of it manned by a small army of south Asian men wearing loose-fitting clothes and sandals. The World Trade Centre offered a sky box to watch the depict. From the windows of the tower, it was apparent that Dubais ruler was taking modernisation away from the existing city. The old Dubai Creek the existing centre of the city that the apocryphal businessman wanted so badly had faded behind a cloud of construction dust.

The Dubai World Trade Centre in 1999. Photograph: Rabih Moghrabi/ AFP/ Getty Images

Cordoned off from the rest of the city, Dubais most modern tower and port were the testing ground for a new various kinds of urbanism: for the first time, big tracts of land were being disengaged from the city. Urbanisation was now connected with the non-urban.

One might reduce the World Trade Centre at the time, the tallest building in the Middle East to an early example of Dubais pursuit of superlatives, which in the subsequent decades of the Burj Khalifa and Palm Jumeirah would reach such a hysterium of hubris and, eventually, spectacular debt-saddled collapse. But that would miss the fact that the tower was a message: a constrained, cost-efficient facade that incorporated an Islamic character in its pointed archways, but radiated the international signs of a place of business. The radio steeple on the spire constructed the World Trade Centre seem to be receiving and sending signals to other confluences of fiscal power. The sheikh bought advertising space in the Times and Financial Times , not just to sell space in the building, but also to sell Dubai to the world.

One way he sold it was to stress its British-built quality. Historically, Dubais development had always relied on mastering trade routes, acting as a hub for hardwood, steel, food, labor. The World Trade Centre, on the other hand, was about merely one connection: Dubais access to British design and engineering. The heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment, glass, aluminium fittings and kitchen appliances are always manufactured under Britain and shipped into Port Rashid. Press releases reassured that British engineers were even supervising the mixing of cement. The only major part of the building that wasnt British were the people who assembled it: largely from Pakistan, living temporarily in barracks at the towers base.

In 1981, Margaret Thatcher, on a visit to sell limbs to Abu Dhabi, made a brief stop in Dubai. Sheikh Rashid took her to the top of his tower. They squinted out at the newest developing, Port Jebel Ali, the worlds largest manmade port, newly operational 30 km away, another example of British engineers and financiers delivering the infrastructure that would help ensure Dubais global dominance.

Peering outward, Thatcher could see the thin line of asphalt stretch away from the tower and fade. That asphalt would afterwards swell to become what is todays Sheikh Zayed Road. At the time, city officers didnt yet know how it was going to supply the 23 million gallons of water it would need to keep its citizens hydrated daily. A convincing, singular tower would do its part to trumpet Dubais viability, and secure its future line of credit.

Does your city have a little-known narrative that made a major impact on its development? Please share it in the comments below or on Twitter employing #storyofcities

Read more: www.theguardian.com

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How on ground are you supposed to eat. 5-. 7 g protein/ lb a day?

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How on ground are you supposed to eat. 5-. 7 g protein/ lb a day?

Posted By John Allen

I started training exercises scheme a couple of months ago without paying too close attention to my diet. I’ve learned that you are to do. 5-. 7 g/ lb of body weight, and more if you are active trying to build muscle. For me, thats about 120 g of protein a day.

How on globe are you supposed to do this? Meat have high protein but high in saturated fat, which the AHA says to limit to 13 g day. Eggs have like 6 g of protein but high cholesterol. I’ve been feeing fat free yogurt but that’s still 6 g of protein per cup for the cheap brand and 12 g per beaker for more expensive greek yogurt. A can of kidney beans, which is around a dollar, is still only 21 g of protein.

Many protein supplements are loaded with saturated fat. One bar I watched was 30 g of protein but 5 g of sat. fat. Other powder supplements were still 20 -3 0g protein and 3.5 sit. fat.

How can I reach my aim inexpensively but still preserve other dietary considerations?

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This dark net brothel stimulates observing sex as easy as hailing an Uber

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Directly in the heart of Moscow, near the Taganskaja metro station, you can meet Katrin. Just send her a message on a website called Dosug and grab your wallet.

She’s a beautiful, 25 -year-old Russian woman who could bankrupt you with her presence.

An evening with Katrin is relatively expensive: 15,000 rublesabout $228 for an hour of her time. But those various kinds of costs are increasingly common for sexuality employees in Russia. As the Russian economy and currency sunk over the last several years, the price of prostitution has spiked across the board.

But the sex is excellent, according to the reviews on her Dosug profile, so men pay the price.

Dosug (, translated as Leisure) is a Russian online brothel centered in Moscow but with operations all around Europe. It can be found on both the anonymous dark net as well as the normal internet, where the website is always trying to stay two steps ahead of Russias notoriously vigorous cyber censors.

At over a decade old, Dosug serves as Russia’s biggest catalog of sexuality employees. Its existence means buying anything from a massage to sex is nearly as easy as ordering up a taxi on your phone. Dosug’s map of nearby available prostitutes seems an awful plenty like Uber‘s map of available drivers.

Every business sells a product. Dosug’s is sex work 2.0.

Uber revolutionized hailing cab on your telephone. Silk Road forever changed buying medications on the dark net. Websites like Dosug take a page from both to bring the worlds oldest profession into a high-tech, low-life 21 st century.

Dosug was created by Konstantin Rykov, a 37 -year-old Russian internet entrepreneur and politician who, until 2011, served as a legislative deputy in President Vladimir Putin‘s United Russia party and worked in the Duma Committee on Science and High Technologies.

Konstantin Rykov sovsekretno.ru

Rykov, who first learned about the internet in a 1995 state-sponsored trip to the United States and fell profoundly into IRC chat networks, is a one-of-a-kind beast who fits strangely well into the wonderland circle of Kremlin influence and ideology.

Starting in the 1990 s, Rykov built a kingdom of popular websites beginning with fuck.ru, an obscenity-laced website that flaunted Russia’s regulations while he operated under the psuedonym Jason Foris. He expanded into website design, advertising networks, volume publishing, television, and eventually hundreds of other internet projects, according to his own count.

Among other news websites, Rykov runs( Sight ), referred to around the Western world as a mouthpiece of Putin’s Kremlin. He dubbed Russia’s annexation of Crimea as the “Russian Spring.”

But it’s Rykov’s collection of porn, erotic, and prostitution sites , among others, that sets him apart.

“I stimulate in a night as much as Yandex builds in a year, ” Rykov told a Russian journalist in 2011 when discussing his internet empire. Yandex, Russia’s version of Google, is a multibillion dollar company. During that interview, Rykov listed websites to his credit including Dosug.

Not much about the inner workings of Dosug today is clear. While Rykov founded Dosug, it’s not definite that he’s still running it. Neither Rykov nor Dosug’s current operators responded to requests for comment.

When I asked Dosug’s social media team if they had anyone who spoke English to talk with a reporter, they assured me, “most of the girls on our site are polyglots, try them if you want, but they favor doing some interesting things over talking.”


Listing prostitutes online is nothing new. Sites likes Craigslist, myRedBook, and Backpage are just a few iconic names in a long, global listing of websites that have been advertising sexuality work for years.

Until 2015, however , none of those sites utilized the Tor network.

Often synonymous with the dark netthe sites, services, apps, data, and files not indexed by search engines like GoogleTor masks users’ identities through encryption and a unique routing scheme that builds it difficult to connect you to the sites you visit and the things you do there. It also enables so-called concealed services, sites that are only accessible with the use of a specialized Tor Browser designed to grant privacy, anonymity, and security far beyond the likes of Chrome or Firefox.

A wide range of people use Tor, including journalists, human rights activists, soldiers, governments, criminals, and terrorists.

In a bid to beat Russian censorswho had already taken down dozens of other versions of the siteDosug leaped over to the dark net. It’s had a home there ever since, even after Dosug re-established itself on normal websites by doing business from countries like the Czech Republic, where prostitution is legal and lazily regulated, and Cyprus, where the laws on prostitution are vague and often unenforced.

Being close to the Kremlin doesn’t automatically grant you favor when it is necessary to internet censorship. German Klimenko, Putin’s own internet advisor, operates a BitTorrent tracker that’s offered pirated content. The site hasbeen blocked at times during copyright disputes.

Dosug has existed and flourished in one kind or the other for 17 years. Last year’s move to the dark net was merely another evolution necessary to survive and thrive.

The move is immediately reminiscent of the dark net marketplaces famous for selling medications, firearms, and data around the world in exchange for bitcoins. The godfather of those sites, Ross Ulbricht, was a fiercely politicized activist where reference is made Silk road in 2011. But unlike those markets, Dosug takes dollars, rubles, pounds, and euros. Bitcoin is nowhere to be found.

“Bitcoin is no so popular in Russia for pays, ” Anton Nesterov, a Russian programmer, explained, “and I don’t think that Russian customers of sexuality employees are Bitcoin evangelists. They moved to. onion not because they are cypherpunks, but because their main site was blocked in Russia.”

The women on Dosug have their own segment of the site where they can place ads, check messages, and do business with Dosug’s tens of thousands of guests. Videos, user feedback, and heavily Photoshopped scenes guide those consumers who grade every single thing that goes on.


For Dosug, the dark net is a back-up scheme that allows it an out against Russian censors empowered by a 2012 statute that generated a national internet blacklist.

For Rykov, the site is but one strange line on his rsum among many.

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‘The Punisher’ Opening Credit Song Is Low-Key Super Catchy

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What’s ‘The Punisher’ Opening Credit Song? The New Netflix Show Has A New Theme Song

arrived on Netflix with a literal bang, and also a banger of a theme song. The new indicate continues the dark, tortured, broody, and bloody vibe of Marvel’s Netflix series with the franchise’s most relentlessly gritty narrative yet, and viewers pick up on that right away thanks to the ominous yet catchy song that plays over its opening credits. If you were wondering what the theme song for is, then you are not alone.

The show’s opening credits are just as visually captivating because this is musically. Over an inky black backdrop, we watch various firearm and ammunitions components float together to finally form the Punisher logo of a large skull. What brings it all together is the music: a haunting, orchestral arranging for strings that manages to invoke the isolation and interminable determination of the Punisher’s mission of revenge. Arranged by Tyler Bates, a composer with a long history of superhero movies and series under his belt (,, ), the instrumental theme also has a bit of a character touch, since we go on to see Frank Castle playing the acoustic guitar often throughout the series. With its melancholic guitar plucking, the opening anthem may also draw on the themes of Bruce Spingsteen, whom we learn reasonably early on in the series is Castle’s favorite musician.

The gritty, country-tinged theme song also seems to give itself to a comparison to another major superhero project from this year that also initially shocked audiences with its unexpected reliance on morose, stripped-down acoustic guitars. Much like how separated itself from the rest of the movies by showing the darker and dingier underbelly of the normally bright and bombastic franchise( with a big help from Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” playing in the first trailer ), is attempting to replicate for Netflix’s Marvel universe. After all, Punisher was the only major player to strike out on his own and not join.

It was clearly very important for to get its theme song perfect, since music actually does play a pretty significant part in Frank Castle’s life. Castle’s guitar was a very important and defining part of himself before his family was murdered and he turned to vigilantism, which we see through various flashbacks. There are clips of sweet moments when Castle would be playing his guitar for his children, and we ensure him at probably the most excited he’s ever seen when he observes out his wife bought him Bruce Springsteen concert tickets while he was on duty in the Marine. However, present-day Punisher seems to have set aside his passion for music to focus instead on hammering a wall for countless hours a day and reading.

The ratings have also been a massive its participation in the Marvel Netflix series in distinguishing the diverging tones between each depict. was able to play up its detective genre by use tinkling pianos and soft jazz as a throwback to classic cinema noir movies. relied heavily on curating ‘9 0s hip-hop music to better transport spectators to Harlem, and incorporated Asian influences in its rating to suit its setting as well. ‘s more foreboding, acoustic theme is an effective way for the demonstrate to tell us that we’re in for a more gruesome and no-nonsense superhero tale this time around.

follows the story of former Marine sniper Frank Castle, whom Netflix spectators first met in the second season of last year. Now that he’s accepted his vigilante mantle, the standalone series sees Castle tackling his super sketchy military past to get revenge on the men who murdered his family.

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Boxing Legend Muhammed Ali Has Died

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Muhammed Ali has died, aged 74.

The three hour heavyweight champ was admitted to hospital on Thursday, and a family spokesperson have concluded that he passed away last night.

He was reportedly suffering from a respiratory condition.

Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease in 1984, and in recent years had become frail, restriction his public appearances.

Fans will remember Muhammed not only for his sport achievements( which were incredibly impressive in themselves ), but also for his influence outside of the ring.

After horrifying conservative Americans by converting to the Nation of Islam( and changing his name from Cassius Clay to Cassius X, and then to Muhammed Ali ), he eluded the American government over the Vietnam War, refusing to be drafted.

Muhammed Aliquickly became one of the most loved, and most respected, sportsmen ever.

Our believes are with his friends and family. Rest in peace .

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How on globe are you supposed to eat. 5-. 7 g protein/ lb a day?

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How on globe are you supposed to eat. 5-. 7 g protein/ lb a day?

Posted By John Allen

I started training exercises scheme a couple of months ago without paying too close attention to my diet. I’ve learned that you are to do. 5-. 7 g/ lb of body weight, and more if you are active trying to build muscle. For me, thats about 120 g of protein a day.

How on globe are you supposed to do this? Meat have high protein but high in saturated fat, which the AHA says to limit to 13 g day. Eggs have like 6 g of protein but high cholesterol. I’ve been feeing fat free yogurt but that’s still 6 g of protein per beaker for the inexpensive brand and 12 g per beaker for more expensive greek yogurt. A can of kidney beans, which is around a dollar, is still simply 21 g of protein.

Many protein supplements are loaded with saturated fat. One bar I ensure was 30 g of protein but 5 g of sat. fat. Other powder supplements were still 20 -3 0g protein and 3.5 sit. fat.

How can I reach my aim inexpensively but still preserve other dietary considerations?

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Singapore Startup Takes Bitcoin Into Real World With Visa

Posted By John Allen

A recurring challenge for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is how to attain them work in the real world. A Singapore-based startup says the answer is its Visa card.

TenX is pitching its debit card as an instant converter of multiple digital currencies into fiat money: the dollars, yens and euros that power most everyday commerce. The company said it takes a 2 percent cut from each transaction and has received orders for more than 10,000 cards. While transactions are capped at $2,000 a year, users can apply to increase the limit if they undergo identify verification procedures.

TenX debit card.

Source: TenX via Bloomberg

Tenx’s bid to induce digital currencies easier to spend comes amid massive volatility and infighting within the cryptocurrency community. Bitcoin, the more popular, slumped after reaching a record in June amid concerns about a split in two, merely to recover as dreads faded. The company has built an app that serves as a digital billfold connected to the Visa card so that when it’s swiped at a cafe or eatery, the merchant is paid in local currency and the users’ crypto account is debited.

Julian Hosp.

Source: TenX via Bloomberg

” You’re mixing two worlds the hell is night and day ,” co-founder Julian Hosp said in an interview.” When the user expends the cryptocurrency, we have to instantly switch these currencies to fiat and pay to Visa straight away. It’s a lot of pathways.”

Hosp said transactions are processed immediately and it doesn’t enforce any charges on top of the conversion fee that is set by cryptocurrency exchanges, which typically is 0.15 to 0.2 percent. The card now supports eight digital currencies, including the lesser-known dash and augur, and aims to offer about 11 of them by the end of the year.

TenX currently processes about $100,000 of transactions a month. By the end of 2018, it’s targeting $100 million in monthly transactions and a million users.

TenX has an advantage in moving early, but the startup can expect rivalry in the future from major financial institutions and venture capitalists with deeper pockets and direct access to clients and databases, said Mati Greenspan, a Tel Aviv, Israel-based analyst at social trading platform eToro.

” It’s an incredible conception ,” said Greenspan.” At the end of the working day, it’s going to depend a lot on client relations. Are they meeting the customers’ expectations? Can somebody else do it better ?”

TenX’s make further efforts to construct digital currencies spendable come as it joined the many blockchain-based startups taking advantage of initial coin offerings. ICOs are a cross between crowdfunding and an initial public offering that firms use to raise monies by issuing digital tokens rather than stock.

In its token salelast month, TenX created $80 million with about half to be used to expand operations while the rest will provide liquidity for a cryptocurrency exchange in the works, said Hosp.

The company has hitherto raised $120,000 from angel investors and$ 1 million in a seed round led by venture capital firm Fenbushi Capital, which lists Ethereum’s co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, as a general partner. TenX isn’t expecting to become profitable in the next two years as it focuses on expanding services.

” One thing we want to offer in the end, is that you can switch cryptocurrencies within the app ,” said Hosp.” If we do this, we can become the market maker, which can bring in a lot of revenue .”

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Gigi Hadid responds to Melania Trump backlash

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( CNN) Gigi Hadid has apologized for offending people with her Melania Trump impersonation.

The model-actress was slammed after she taunted the incoming first lady during a bit Sunday night at the American Music Awards.

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