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All In One Marketing System

Posted By John Allen

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Bill Belichick’s Super Bowl playbook and they reveal a lot about him

Posted By John Allen

Image: mashable composite, getty images; max knoblauch

Bill Belichick, heading into his seventh Super Bowl as a head coach, is undoubtedly one of the best play-callers in the history of the NFL.

His methods are well-documented, his preparation unmatched. But just what’s in that playbook of his is still a mystery until game day.

Until now.


We have uncovered nine incredible pages from the Super Bowl LI playbook of Bill Belichick a notoriously withdrawn and unemotional man. The plays, along with Belichick’s various notes and doodles, give us an inside look at the brain behind the Patriots dynasty.

1. A doodle of him grinding a falcon

Image: max knoblauch

2. Several pages of a comic called “The Coolest Guys” featuring him and President Trump

Image: max knoblauch

3. A list of reminders

Image: max knoblauch

4. Pages and pages dedicated to a fantasy in which he is adopted by Tom Brady and Gisele Bndchen

5. A bunch of new logos for the team (all bad)


6. Impossible plays that “would be cool”


7. Revealing notes for his post-game interview strategy


8. Dozens of mean drawings of Falcons QB Matt Ryan


9. Over 20 drawings of sexy footballs with the word “DAMN” written above them


BONUS: Netflix Settle: The new feature for couples who disagree

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Introducing: Crypto Currency

Posted By John Allen

Welcome to the World’s Simplest Easiest Fastest Bitcoin Team Crowdfunding Community!


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He who must not be named: how Harry Potter helps make sense of Trump’s world

Posted By John Allen

For fans of the wizard series, the new political order is Dumbledores army v President Voldemort. Is it merely a juvenile comparing or have JK Rowlings books shaped a generations supposing?


Every generation has its go-to pop-culture political analogy. For decades, it was Star Wars. Its easy to see how Reagans 80 s space-based weapons shield initiative earned its nickname, for example, but the reference has suffered, to the extent that White House chief strategist Steve Bannon expressed his admiration for the dark side in a recent interview: Darkness is good. Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, Satan. Thats power. But one name was missing from that list: Voldemort.

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The Harry Potter rogue has risen again over the past couple of years, as fans have described comparisons, often humorously, between a world under threat from a narcissistic tyrant and that of the Harry Potter books. In February, Bannon was the subject of a Buzzfeed quiz that asked, Who Told It: Steve Bannon or Lord Voldermort ?; it was harder than you might have thought. JK Rowlings readers have grown up at approximately the same pace as Harry, Ron and Hermione, and with its hundreds of millions of volume marketings and the massive success of the movie adaptations, the series reach has been enormous.

What Harry Potter has given a generation is a simple tale of good triumphing over evil, and, as a result, it has been a frequent and controversial point of reference in these times of political divisiveness. At the worldwide Womens Marches in January, there were plenty of homemade signs that indicated Princess Leia as the face of a new resistance, but there were as many Potter ones, such as Dumbledores army, inspirational quotes from the series and references to Hermiones role in Harrys survival. Perhaps these posters had been inspired by an outpouring of affection for the books following the US election in November, as people began to post quotes on Twitter. Order of the Phoenix, mount up, wrote Hamilton inventor Lin-Manuel Miranda. There is even a Chrome extension that changes any mention of Donald Trump or his cabinet to the name of a notable Death Eater. Install it, and your browser will instantly refer to Betsy DeVos as Dolores Umbridge, Jeff Sessions as Antonin Dolohov or Rex Tillerson as Draco Malfoy.

Placards at the Woman March in Washington DC. Photo: Patsy Lynch/ REX/ Shutterstock

I would have been nine or 10 when I started reading it, says Jamie MacColl, 26, the guitarist in Bombay Bicycle Club. Last year MacColl set up the campaign group Undivided, which aims to ensure young peoples voices are heard in Brexit negotiations, and he recently appeared on the BBC Question Time panel. I recollect the craze to read each new volume within minutes of it came to see you, and queueing up in the middle of the night at the bookshop to get it. He says that he can only think of their political or social message in light of JK Rowlings transparently left-leaning Twitter presence. I suppose she has a similar kind of politics to me. But one of the things that struck me at the time was that it didnt matter who you were. Hermione had no wizard blood and was by far the most capable.

The broad central message of the Potter volumes is diversity and adoption of change. As the characters grow older, and the books more complex and mature, the political the effects of not heeding this doctrine become darker and more imperil. The baddies insistence on the superiority of purebloods over mudbloods has overtones of ethnic cleansing; the Death Eaters are fascistic. It would be mean-spirited to spoil the carefully guarded plot of The Cursed Child for those with tickets to see it, but it is fair to say that there is plenty in the play that stimulates this association clear.

Its a lot of fun to update the references and see how Rowlings vision works for the current epoch. Throughout the series, the Ministry of Magic is full of incompetent, debase, bumbling figures whose only aspiration is to cling on to power. The press is untrustworthy and hysterical. In a magical premonition of phone-hacking, the journalist Rita Skeeter transforms herself into a beetle in order to report on details nobody else could know about. The Daily Prophet is often used as a marionette of the system in order to sway popular opinions. About the recent Potter prequel Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, Rowling said, I was partly inspired by the rise of populism around the world .~ ATAGEND The the purpose of explaining the anti-magic sentiment rippling through 1920 s New York in the film could be taken from Brexit Britain: When No-Majs[ American for muggle] are afraid, they attack.

Steve Bannon, who lately said: Darkness is good. Dick Cheney, Darth Vader, Satan. Thats power. Photo: REX/ Shutterstock

In 2013, Anthony Gierzynski, a professor of political science at the University of Vermont, published a study called Harry Potter and the Millennials: Research Methods and the Politics of the Muggle Generation, co-authored with Kathryn Eddy. It aimed to answer the question of whether the Harry Potter story had influenced the politics of millennials. In the introduction, Gierzynski discusses, with what now looks like quaint naivety, online comparisons that at the time variously likened Voldemort to Rick Perry and Dick Cheney.

To say the political landscape has changed is an understatement, he tells me. We have a chairwoman whose rhetoric promotes fanaticism and who fits the typical authoritarian personality. I would think the Harry Potter lessons are even more relevant today than they were for the 2012 election.

Rowling herself nodded to a Trump/ Voldemort comparison back in 2015, when Trump first proposed a ban on Muslims entering the US. How horrible. Voldemort was nowhere near as bad, she tweeted. The link has been make use of others, and often; there are countless memes comparing the president to He Who Must Not Be Named.( Intriguingly, when criticising Trump in recent speeches or interviews, celebrities such as Meryl Streep and Kristen Stewart have declined to address him by name, a stance shared with many US activists .)

In the case of Trump, Gierzynski suggests, a better reference point would be an incompetent Ministry of Magic, Cornelius Fudge-type figure. But he also points out that throwing names around is unlikely to be helpful in the long run. Calling anyone Voldemort is problematic in terms of the debate you might have. It shuts down the debate, he says. If you have a discussion[ about] what happens with these kinds of leaders, and how this leads to an intolerance of out groups that is where the value of the Harry Potter series is, to me. It can provide lessons about how you deal with that sort of injustice and intolerance.

In 2016, Diana Mutz, professor of political science at the University of Pennsylvania and director of the Institute for the Study of Citizens and Politics, published a paper called Harry Potter and the Deathly Donald, which cautiously argued that reading Harry Potter or watching the films lowered Americans sentiments of Trump and his policies. Stories can sway people views; Harry Potter is just one that happens to have been read and viewed by a massive number of people. This constructs it potentially more influential than most tales, she tells me by email. Fictional stories are more than just analogies; they are a time-honoured way of influencing opinions. Think of Uncle Toms Cabin and American attitudes towards slavery.

Michael Gambon as Dumbledore. Photo: Warner Bros/ Sportsphoto/ Allstar

Like Gierzynski, Mutz suggests that the messages of tolerance and diversity in the Harry Potter world have influenced the beliefs of its readers, rather than reflecting an existing point of view. But she was surprised by the strength of the backlash she received upon publishing of the paper. I have never received more hate mail than in response to this study; its a little bit scary, to be honest. Clearly, people who like Donald Trump are uncomfortable with the studys findings, but with empirical data, you dont get to choose your findings. They are what they are, she says.( The current climate is so toxic that Gierzynski also expressed concern. Theres a little bit of anxiety in our discourse. Usually, when I talk to journalists, I wouldnt worry, but these days I do .)

Trump advocates are not alone in criticising the use of Harry Potter as a political analogy. In a scathing post-election column for Esquire last November, Corey Atad wrote that even though he considers himself to be an enormous Harry Potter fan, he found the comparing of Trump to Voldemort, and the idea of an opposition that is Dumbledores army, to be repellent. In tweet after shameful tweet, intellectually and emotionally stunted adults sought to place the election of a fascistic president in words they could easily understand, he wrote. The Huffington Post operated a story that called Trump/ Voldemort comparisons inane and condescending, while Matthew Dessem, a writer for Slate, was similarly outraged: Are you fucking kidding me with this shit? … This is really happening.

All three pieces were written in the immediate aftermath of the election; the anger and fear is palpable and understandable. But the idea of using fictional tales to understand and interpret the world is as old as hour; it is no coincidence that sales of Nineteen Eighty-Four and The Handmaids Tale have soared since November. If, as academics such as Mutz and Gierzynski contend, the Harry Potter series has created a generation of people who are more open-minded and tolerant of difference owing to the books they read as children, then it seems far from adolescent and reductive.

Besides, there is little to suggest that tweeting a Dumbledore quote is as far as a Potter fan might take it. In June last year, Yeni Lopez Sleidi, the editor of the site wwwayward, attained posters of Donald Trump underneath a motivational quote: There is no good and evil, there is only power, and those too weak to seek it. Potter fans may recognise these terms as are subordinate to Professor Quirrell, recollecting what the Dark Lord taught him. Sleidi sold a number of posters to Trump supporters and donated the profits to Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement, a charity that supports LGBTQ Latino communities. If the purchaser had set the posters on their walls and turned off the illuminations, they would have found that their purchase had a secret: in the dark, Trump vanishes, to be replaced by a glowing green image of Voldemort. Now thats magic.

Read more: www.theguardian.com

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How on ground are you supposed to eat. 5-. 7 g protein/ lb a day?

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How on ground are you supposed to eat. 5-. 7 g protein/ lb a day?

Posted By John Allen

I started training exercises scheme a couple of months ago without paying too close attention to my diet. I’ve learned that you are to do. 5-. 7 g/ lb of body weight, and more if you are active trying to build muscle. For me, thats about 120 g of protein a day.

How on globe are you supposed to do this? Meat have high protein but high in saturated fat, which the AHA says to limit to 13 g day. Eggs have like 6 g of protein but high cholesterol. I’ve been eating fat free yogurt but that’s still 6 g of protein per beaker for the cheap brand and 12 g per cup for more expensive greek yogurt. A can of kidney beans, which is around a dollar, is still simply 21 g of protein.

Many protein supplements are loaded with saturated fat. One bar I watched was 30 g of protein but 5 g of sit. fat. Other powder supplements were still 20 -3 0g protein and 3.5 sat. fat.

How can I reach my goal inexpensively but still maintain other dietary considerations?

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Report: Disney’s Iger Says Hackers Claim to Have Stolen Upcoming Movie

Posted By John Allen

Walt Disney Chief Executive Bob Iger has revealed that hackers claimed to have access to an unnamed upcoming movie and have demanded a ransom, the Hollywood Reporter said on Monday.

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Iger constructed specific comments during a town hall meeting with ABC employees in New York City, the Hollywood Reporter said, citing multiple sources.

The hackers have demanded that a huge sum be paid on Bitcoin, but Disney has refused to pay, the publication said.

Disney was not immediately available for comment.

( Reporting by Anya George Tharakan in Bengaluru; Editing by Sriraj Kalluvila)

Read more: www.foxbusiness.com

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Candace Cameron Bure Exposes What Caused Her to Question Her Relationship With God

Posted By John Allen

“I am not this great, wonderful, perfect person that I always thought that I was.”

With her superchic style and ridiculously youthful radiance for a momof 40, Candace Cameron Bure seems to have the “picture perfect” life.

The value system and religion that she models in her daily life has been an inspiration to many who are tired of insuring liberals take over the Hollywood scenebut she wasn’t always so deeply rooted in her relationship with Jesus Christ.

“When I was growing up, their own families wasn’t Christian. We didn’t talking here God and I didn’t know anything about him, ” she shared on her website . “When I was 12 years old, my mothers told us we were going to church; a friend had invited us. It was strange to me, and I giggled at the thought of God.”

Eventually those church visits started to change her and fill her with a “warmth” she hadn’t experienced before. It was then that 12 -year-old Candace decided to invite Jesus into her heart as her personal Lord and Savior.

But it wasn’t until she was much older that she started to rethink her Christian life. Particularly after having children, Candace was forced to ask herself the hard questions, as she opened up about in an interview 😛 TAGEND

“One of the things that brought me to even start questioning my relationship with God was having my own children because once you have this precious little life, you start to wonder,’ Well, what am I going to teach them? What do I want them to know? ’ And then you have to question yourself.’ Well, what legacy do I want to pass on to my child? ’ And that really got me thinking about my religion because it really wasn’t a part of my life.”

On top of having children, Candace elaborated onanother “lightbulb moment” that shapedher perspective on faith more than anything else 😛 TAGEND

“The biggest lightbulb moment for me was reading a book that my brother had given me called The Way of the Master by Ray Comfort. Having read books book, it took the Gospel message for me and applied it personally to me, so I could finally see myself in the Gospel. I could finally see that I genuinely am a sinner, that I am not this great, wonderful, perfect person that I always thought that I was or was trying to achieve.”

She explained this pivotal moment further in her written testimony, admitting that she “didn’t even know what[ her] sin was” until this life-changing volume opened her eyes to it 😛 TAGEND

It “was talkin about a” the 10 commandments, and showed me my sin in its true sunlight. You consider, when I prayed the sinner’s prayer that day in church when I was 12, I asked God to forgive my sins. But I didn’t even know what my sin was. But, the law been demonstrated by my sin. As I went through every commandment, I ensure that I’d broken all of them. Then I learned that God was going to judge me by this standard , not the world’s standard. So, while I guessed I was a good person compared to other people, I ensure that I was a horribly bad person by God’s standard. It was then that I truly recognized and understood my sin and what Jesus did for me. I broke the Law, and Jesus paid my fine. God has changed me in ways that terms can’t describe. He has transformed the style I suppose and live my life. Things that were once important to me are no longer. I can’t assistance but share the Good News with everyone! I know there is nothing more important. I know that without Christ, the eternal consequences are devastating. I urge you to surrender your whole life to Jesus, turn from your sin and trust in Him with all your heart. Pick up a Bible, and start read. Let me leave you with this 😛 TAGEND “And the times of this ignorance God winked at: but now commands all men everywhere to repent: Because he has appointed a day, in which he will judge the world in righteousness by that human whom he has ordained .
Act. 17:30, 31 a See more from Candace Cameron Bure’s powerful evidence in her “Celebrity Tale of Faith” segment below 😛 TAGEND

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This Budweiser Ad Starring Conor McGregor Has Been Banned In Ireland

Posted By John Allen

You kind of expect UFC superstars to have a bit of a naughty side .

It kind of comes with the whole “being an ultimate cage fighter” thing, I guess. No one has mastered the art of disagreement( aside from Katie Hopkins, perhaps) quite as well as Conor McGregor.

“The Notorious” fighter has been called up before for his smack talking pre-fights, and his no holds barred approach to social media e.g. when he posted this about the Remembrance Day poppies on Facebook 😛 TAGEND

Off with his head.

But this time, he’s in difficulty for a Budweiser ad he starred in, in his native country, Ireland. Titled’ Big Dream’, it shows McGregor dedicating one of his famous motivational speeches, as he moves around the streets of first Dublin, then Los Angeles. With lines like “If your dream doesn’t scare you, then it’s not big enough”, it’s various kinds of inducing me want to get out of my desk chair and become like a UFC champ or something.

But, despite all that the RTE have deemed that the advert isn’t suitable for young person, as it might motivate them to get on the brews, rather than to fulfil its dreams. I can kind of see their phase, but surely that applies to all alcohol advertising…

Conor doesn’t seem all too fussed about it though.

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Neirea, Chinese champion LoveCX among first to autumn at the Hearthstone World Championship

Posted By John Allen

Though the Hearthstone World Championship finals will take place next week at Blizzard’s annual extravaganzaBlizzcon, half the field will be eliminated in the group stage.

In the second day of play from ESL’sBurbank studios, the first four players were knocked out of the tournament. That included European championship runner up Eugene “Neirea” Shumilin from Team Liquid. Despite a strong performance throughout the qualification process, Shumilin dropped his first game to Guo “DieMeng” Zihao of China to set up an elimination clash with Americas champion Ryan “Purple” Murphy-Root. In a shut, five-game series that Shumilin nearly clinched in game four, Murphy-Root was able to stay alive in the tournament. He’l now face the loser of Zihao vs Taiwan’s Ho “Pinpingho” Kow-Ping for the second qualification spot in Group D.

Also dropping out was Chinese regional champ “LoveCX”. After being defeated handily by pro’s favorite Sebastian “Ostkaka” Engwall, it was South East Asia champion Lan “neilyo” Tran that dumped “LoveCX” out of the tournament in a series that featured nervy performances from both sides.

The tournament’s Cinderella story also came to an end as underdog Victor “Nias” Shelstad was eradicated with losses resulting from Chinese ace Hong “Zoro” Yijie and Adrian “Lifecoach” Koy in a very tough group that also featured Hakjun “Kranich” Baek. In Group A, it was Yu “NoTomorrow” Jian of EDward Gaming who found himself occupying the bottom place.

All players eliminated in the group stage take home a $5,000 prize, but lose out on the opportunity to capture the title and its $100,000 first prize.

Today’s broadcast will feature the four group winner’s matches, as four players book their place in the quarter finals.

Image via Hearthstone / YouTube

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Liam Gallagher: ‘Anything Noel can sing, I can sing better’

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Liam Gallagher: ‘Anything Noel can sing, I can sing better’

Posted By John Allen

The former Oasis frontman has been trolling his brother on Twitter ahead of a first solo tour, on which he intends to sing Noels songs

Forget Donald Trump: when it is necessary to petty trolling, Liam Gallagher still takes some beating. Especially when it is necessary to gale up his big brother Noel.

The former Oasis singer is about to embark on a solo tour and has promised fans he will open the presents with Dont Look Back in Anger, and close them with Rocking Chair. Both are Oasis songs not only penned by Noel but sung by him too. About time they were done proper, Liam noted on Twitter.

He added: To all you NG fanboys, I can and will sing any song he wrote bigger and better than him even if I was kicked in the bollox by a wood pigeon.

Liam Gallagher (@ liamgallagher)

To all you NG fanboys I can and will sing any song he wrote bigger better than him even if I was kicked in the bollox by a wood pigeon LG

March 19, 2017

In a dig at his brothers supposed inability to keep it real, Liam also wrote: Consider the fake bombing about in his stone island again coz hes in[ Manchester] hell be back in his Prada 1st thing tomorrow.

The insults were lunged as Liam revealed that his debut solo single will be called Not for Sale. It will be taken from the album As You Were, which he has described as not Pink Floyd and it aint Radiohead. Its chin-out music.

Despite claiming he would never embark on a solo career, Liam Gallagher signed a enter into negotiations with Warner in August 2016 to do simply that. He currently has dates booked in July to perform at Benicassim in Spain and Lollapalooza in Paris.

Read more: www.theguardian.com

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Boxing Day snowfall and rain warning

Posted By John Allen

Image copyright Nicky Hillman Image caption Snow fell thick and fast in Builth Wells, Powys earlier this month

A weather alerting has been issued for heavy rain and snow across Wales starting on Boxing Day.

The yellow “be aware” advising is in force from 18:00 GMT on Tuesday to 11:00 on Wednesday.

The Met Office said heavy rain could turn to snow in parts, with a small chance of homes and business being flooded.

Travel disruption is also expected due to standing water or snow.

Areas which could face disruption are Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire, Gwynedd, Ceredigion, Powys, Wrexham, Carmarthenshire, Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Merthyr Tydfil, Monmouthshire, Rhondda Cynon Taf, Torfaen, Newport.

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How on earth are you supposed to eat. 5-. 7 g protein/ lb a day?

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How on earth are you supposed to eat. 5-. 7 g protein/ lb a day?

Posted By John Allen

I started training exercises plan a couple of months ago without paying too close attention to my diet. I’ve learned that you are to do. 5-. 7 g/ lb of body weight, and more if you are active trying to build muscle. For me, thats about 120 g of protein a day.

How on globe are you supposed to do this? Meats have high protein but high in saturated fat, which the AHA says to limit to 13 g day. Eggs have like 6 g of protein but high cholesterol. I’ve been eating fat free yogurt but that’s still 6 g of protein per cup for the inexpensive brand and 12 g per cup for more expensive greek yogurt. A can of kidney beans, which is around a dollar, is still only 21 g of protein.

Many protein supplements are loaded with saturated fat. One bar I watched was 30 g of protein but 5 g of sat. fat. Other powder supplements were still 20 -3 0g protein and 3.5 sat. fat.

How can I reach my goal cheaply but still preserve other dietary considerations?

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Reddit Terrorizes Another Teen, This Time Over the Bitcoin App She Created

Posted By John Allen

When 16 -year-old Harshita Arora posted on Reddit about the crypto price tracking app she made the most she hoped for was a few downloads and perhaps some useful user feedback.

Instead, she was met with rape threats, days of online abuse, a deluge of hateful emails, tweets, and messages claiming that she had “plagiarized” the entire app.

” There likely isn’t a 16 year old girl at all, this whole thing was a scam with the wunderkind backstory to sell as many $0.99 apps as quickly as is practicable. Probably constructed the creator a few thousand from reddit alone ,” one user wrote.

” The fact that minority’ victim status’ has appeared to be the only real currency with people today is fucking surreal ,” said another.

But Arora never claimed to be a victim. She only claimed to be herself, a self-taught decorator, amatauer coder, and aspiring entrepreneur from a small town outside New Delhi in India.

Like a growing number of young Indian, Arora initially insured the tech industry and startup world as a style to potentially make money and escape her small town life.

She analyse computer science in school, taught herself Adobe design software by night and, in 2016, decided to drop out of class wholly and “unschool” herself in order to pursue a career in tech.

Within months, Arora had earned herself a prestigious internship at Salesforce in Bangalore. Shortly after that, she was accepted into an MIT summer program, where her and a team built and launched a new app within a matter of weeks.

After the MIT program ended, Arora went to Silicon Valley for a few months to network. She looked for another internship, couldn’t get a run visa in time, and so returned back home been like living with her mothers in India.

Arora said her experience in the states, especially satisfying other startup entrepreneurs in the Valley, changed the style she thought about the industry. She no longer consider startup life as the freeway to riches it once seemed. Instead, she realise it was hard and volatile–but came to appreciate being an entrepreneur could also be incredibly rewarding.

She went back home to India and began working on her own products.

She taught herself Swift, the programming language used to build iPhone apps, and spent hours and hours on Quora networking with fellow young techies and asking questions about product developing and coding.

On Jan. 20, she released her product to the world, a sleek and simple cryptocurrency cost tracking app for iPhone called Crypto Price Tracker.

Arora announced the product with a” marketing scheme” she devised on her own that included a Medium post, Product Hunt submission, and posting about the app on the bitcoin subreddit, where Arora thought she might be able to get traction from potential users.

For about a week, everything ran as schemed.

Arora got a few hundred users, the founder and CEO of Product Hunt praised her in a tweet, and several happy users sent messages to give helpful feedback or say they were enjoying the app.

Some asked how she had produced such a great product so quickly, and she explained her background in tech, adding that she had some help from mentors and an outside developer to help with the backend code. It was, to her, pretty standard stuff.

But by Feb. 5, Reddit users chose Arora couldn’t have stimulated the app herself.

A woman had downloaded Arora’s app on a jailbroken iPhone, attempted to decrypt the app’s code and dig into her public growth history.

The woman posted an angry blog post attempting to bash Arora’s work titled,” Crypto Price Tracker made by 16 -yr old actually plagiarized .”

In the post, she made several accusations that were later proven to be baseless. Still, the suggestion that perhaps Arora, a young women, didn’t “deserve” the kudo she was receiving was enough to stoke a fire in the belly of some Reddit commentators.

Streams of abhor poured in. Arora’s email was inundated with abusive language, disturbing messages, and veiled threats.

Redditors attempted to discredit her and call her a liar. They said only an older, more advanced programmer, likely a human, could build an app like hers.

” I doubt the girl herself came up with the idea and hired the contractor( s) herself. She’s a 16 year old girl, she doesn’t have the wherewithal or funds to do it herself( hiring the contractor, or coding the app ),” one commenter wrote.” She’s trying to look pretty for boys in her class, worrying about what the bitch Jessie said to Brittany about Cloe who likes Brian even though he so likes Ciara, and sitting in her room listening to 21 pilots or whoever. That’s my take anyway .”

At first, Arora attempted to respond to the messages in earnest. She tried to show her run and respond to the accusations.

She was shocked to see a human she considered to be a friend turn on her and bash her in public as an untalented fraud.

But there was no halting the Reddit mob.

Arora was overwhelmed, but her connects in the tech the enterprises and with close friends who understood the internet eventually paid off. They encouraged her to tweet and reach out to the trolls’ employers, universities, and anyone in a position of power to make them stop.

The strategy worked.

After Arora and her friends relentlessly contacted the employers of some of the older men who were harassing her, many backed down. One of the men who most aggressively perpetuated the harassment campaign publicly apologized on Twitter. The girl who published the libelou blog post about Arora’s technological abilities took it down.

Arora was left shaken, but ultimately felt some sense of justice. She never told her parents any of what happened to her online.

There is a myth in tech world that startup founders are singular, usually male geniuses with brilliant ideas and the ability to code their visions into products effortlessly.

The founder myth perpetuates a vision of the world where there are no decorators , no product people , no marketers, or business development specialists to help a product succeed. A product’s success, in these narratives, is credited to one genius person, like Steve Jobs.

In reality, most products are built by jumbled groups of people iterating on different versions of a shared mission.

Arora deems herself primarily a designer, and her attention to design is clear in the Crypto Price Tracker app. But even she admits she’s not the most excellent coder. So, like any young founder with a vision, she got assist writing the back end code for the app and had input from mentors to execute her vision.

The idea that somehow the app is less hers than others ‘, or that she doesn’t deserve credit for the product because a freelancer helped her write a few lines of code for a product she fully designed, is a distortion of the truth. Non-technical male founders regularly fail to contribute to the codebases of products they’re often lauded for.

” People, programmers especially, think of design as just bring able to generate colouring, text and use software ,” Arora said.” They underestimate how much work it takes and how much you need to think about UX and UI. It took me longer to design app from scratch than programming .”

Arora is also simply 16 -years-old. She said she is trying to learn and find her way in the tech community, and she never sought to sell herself as some sort of young savant or all-encompassing genius. In fact, she &# x27 ;d like just the opposite.

” I don’t want to be called a prodigy ,” she said.” It’s not what I am. It sounds like I’m trying to tell people I’m smarter than them. It sounds I’m trying to be superior, when I don’t want to be. I reply to everyone who asks me question or asks for resources, I am trying to learn things myself .”

Read more: www.thedailybeast.com

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The ‘TV Guide of esports’ is a lot more than merely a TV GuideaEUR” and it’s expanding rapidly

Posted By John Allen

Streaming services have played a huge role in the meteoric rise of esports. Instead of an expensive spacecraft TV package, esports are available to everyone with an Internet connection.

But even as traditional media like the BBC and ESPN join Twitch and YouTube Gaming in bringing esports to the cord-cutter generation, there is one simple feature where traditional TV has an edge: a Tv guide.

That’s where FollowEsports comes in. Founded by two college friends out of New York, it’s ready to fill that gap. Of course, it’s not alone. The site is one among a growing listing of online event calendars for the industry as companies try to funnel fans to their favorite events by providing them with a central platform to track matches, start times, and a host of other information.

FollowEsports does all that, but it’s also ambitiously chasing other ways to grow as well. The group has quickly added its own esports teams, grabbing players in CounterStrike , World of Warcraft , Super Smash Bros and Hearthstone within the span of just one month. And it’s begun pushing out editorial content, headlined by popular content creator Duncan “Thorin” Shields.

We spoke to one of the founders Marty Strenczewilk about this rapid growth, how the project came about and why he stepped across the divide into opening their own team.

What is your background professionally, and how did you come to form FollowEsports ?

I spent the first ten years of my career in the entertainment industry, specifically in theatre, movie and television. I’ve ran in entertainment in some sort throughout the majority of members of my professional life. In terms of esports two summers ago I was tasked by another esports startup with launching their tournament division. I hired the team and set up their broadcast studio, and launched their first situate of tournaments. After about nine months we parted ways because I wasn’t interested in moving out of New York.

I started talking to a college friend of mine who works as a web developer and video editor about an esports website. I was personally frustrated about turning on Twitch and seeing something that was half over that I would have liked to watch from the beginning, but I didn’t is well aware existed. We set about to create what we now call ‘the TV Guide of esports’, FollowEsports.com. We launched that in April.

It was initially simply a project, but we realised we had something that people loved and we might have something here. So we put a lot of resources into finding people to add to the team with different expertise, specifically in the tournament space, and began to build up the application.

What’s the difference between missing stuff on Twitch and missing stuff on FE? Are there plans to try and add new features to FE to counter that problem ?

I’ve never been an entrepreneur, so when I chose I read and watched everything I could about successful tech start-ups. One of the things I learned very quickly was that if you’re going to build something, construct the bare minimum and see if people care. So we did that and put it out there, and people said that was what they wanted and “ve been given” lots of feedback. They say one of the things you can fail at doing is building something for 2 years and putting it out, and then 40% of the features shouldn’t be there and 20% aren’t where they should be and so on.

Since we launched we’ve made some changes like adding log in to save your filters for your predilections, and there are plenty more improvements on their style. Notifications, all that sort of thing are definitely coming. We’ve only been out since April. I don’t wishes to share exactly how we do it, but notifications are very valuable tools that we need to have. We won’t objective there and there are a lot more things to come. We’re trying to build a brand that people can come to and do a lot of different things. This is the tip of the iceberg.

You’ve started adding a number of content writers to the site. How does that fit with the rest of the project ?

Initially we said we don’t want to be ESPN, we’re not printed publications. However when people are coming to the site and we’re thinking of ways to engage them in esports, one of the things that I love is opinion pieces. Things that really drive dialogue. So we didn’t just go and get somebody to recap games, we went out and observed novelists who have something to say about esports and devoted them free reign. As long as they aren’t putting us in a bad spot with something offensive, we really let them pick their topics. For me, what constructs esports successful is engagement. Writing something someone reads and jolts up on Reddit like Thorin’s articles do are far more interesting.

People get a bit scared every time someone pours a bunch of fund into esports, and you’ve talked about having investorsbut what’s the business model? How do these investors get a return on their investment ?

I’m a big fan of Mark Zuckerburg, and I love his philosophy which says that if you get the users, the money will come to the business. Our pure focus right now is how do we get users to the site, and how do we get them to stay longer and come more often. As long as those metrics move in the right direction, that’s all I’m genuinely focused on. Certainly we are trying to build a business and there will be be required for monetary supplements. But we are lucky to have some good investors that understand that how you construct really great products that people love is to merely focus on the user and get them to the site first.

Talk us through how you came to start the Follow Esports Pro Team. Why did you decided to pick up so many teams so quickly ?

At some phase along the line we started to look at how we could get people to look at the site beyond traditional Facebook and Twitter ads. That’s when we started thinking about what makes people visible. One thing is if you slap your logo on someone’s jersey while they’re playing. I started looking into the costs of that, but it was really out of our cost scope at that time. Eventually our business was doing well enough we got some outside fund, and I realised that having the team itself opened us up to be a stronger business but allows us to broadcast the FollowEsports brand by calling the team FollowEsports as opposed to a logo on a jersey with seven or eight other brands.

One of the key things esports can offer the hell is unique is that each game has a unique audience, but lots of people love different esports. So we want to be able to offer people everything they want. In our content, we’ve only started with League , Smash , and CounterStrike . The pro team works in the same manner, that our site is for esports as a whole. Some of the teams were just opportunity based. A friend of mine was involved in Counter-Strike , and he told me that there were a lot of teams available. So we looked into it, and started talking about acquiring a team. We talked about it for about a month before we approached them, and acquired their team.

The World of Warcraft team for examplewe’re heading towards Blizzcon and there are lots of squads available. I happen to have someone on staff who is a former pro. Our team knocked out two of the biggest brands in video games, Method and Luminosity. There are opportunities every day, and we have to pick the right ones but we also have to be willing to jump on them when they are there. These teams all fit in the right place at the right time.

The latest game you expanded into was Hearthstone , picking up a six player roster with two co-managers. Why did you pick up such a big Hearthstone roster in one go ?

There are some teams out there in Hearthstone who don’t genuinely interact, they wear the same jersey and that’s it. I was actually the first sponsor of Illuminati, talking to Alchemixst I loved what they were doing. I’m a big Hearthstone fan, and they had so many cool people involved. So we’d grown a relationship with them, and after we signed Vlps first and brought Ant on board, we were looking to get another two or three players to get to that kind of level. We were looking at a lot of individuals, including some pretty big names, but ultimately what it came down to was we had such a strong relationship with Alchemixst and they had such a good array of talent. It just made sense to come together and form one large squad that could compete with any team in the world right now. We’re one of merely a couple of North American teams to make it the regional championship stage.

Images via Nintendo, Valve, and Blizzard | Remix by Jacob Wolf

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