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The Rise of the Rest seed fund announces its first group of investments

Approminence Business Opportunities The Rise of the Rest seed fund announces its first group of investments

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The Rise of the Rest seed fund announces its first group of investments

Posted By John Allen

The Rise of the Rest seed fund’s first round of startup investments cover eight states that are usually overlooked by tech investors, including Kentucky, South Carolina and Ohio. The $150 million fund was launched in December by Steve Case and J.D. Vance, with backing from many of America’s more influential businesspeople, to supporting tech ecosystems outside of Silicon Valley, New York City and other major hubs.

The Rise of the Rest seed fund is part of Revolution, the investment firm also launched by Case, a co-founder and former chief executive officer of AOL. Its first investments are listed below.

AppHarvest( Pikeville, Kentucky) develops high-tech greenhouse farms that use less fuel and no pesticides. Its goal is to help eastern Kentucky’s economy recover from the loss of coal mining jobs. Catalyte’s( Baltimore, Maryland) algorithms identify undertaking candidates who show promise for software engineering stances, but might be overlooked by traditional HR practices. It was created to keep companies from having to outsource tech tasks overseas while also creating more diverse workforces. Revolution participated in Catalyte’s $27 million Series A. Cotopaxi( Salt Lake City, Utah ), which creates activewear use sustainable material and supply chains, also sets aside part of its revenue to construct awards to non-profits around the world. ENGAGE Talent’s( Charleston, South Carolina) software helps companies attract and recruit “passive talent, ” or valuable candidates who aren’t actively planning to leave their current chores, but can be persuaded to take a new posture with the right incentives. Losant( Cincinnati, Ohio) is an enterprise Internet of Things platform that allows companies to manage devices and end-user apps and analyze data in real-time to make sure everything is working immediately. SafeChain Inc .( Columbus, Ohio) is a blockchain startup focused on the real estate industry. Its SafeWire software is designed to verify bank accounts and keep wire transfers safe while reducing the amount of time it takes to close a property marketing. SEEVA( Seattle, Washington) constructs software and hardware systems that help cars operate safely in poor weather conditions, including snowstorms and heavy rain, by automatically clearing debris from windshields, cameras and other equipment. Rest of the Rise’s investment was part of a $ two million round Seeva raised to target the autonomous vehicle market. ZenBusiness( Austin, Texas) is an online service that lets business owners create an LLC or firm for free. Zylo( Indianapolis, Indiana) is a SaaS optimization platform that lets companies manage all the software-as-as-service subscriptions used.

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